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While some people view a website as a landing page for customers to visit, it can (and should) be so much more. In fact, a website should function as a constantly evolving space for your prospective and current clients to find helpful information, explore more about your business, and utilize your provided resources. Because of this, it is important that your website never get stagnant – it is important to update your business website.

A dull website does more than hurt your business when it comes to bringing in new or even repeat visitors (source). A lack of fresh and new content can also negatively impact your SEO and Google ranking. Here are some of the reasons why fresh website updates can be beneficial to your business:

Frequent Website Updates and Indexes

Google is by far the most widely used search engine with a market share of 92.05 percent as of February of this year. Because of this, it is extremely important for businesses to ensure that their website ranks highly with Google. One way to have a better chance of improving your ranking is by frequently updating your website. While we aren’t suggesting you make unnecessary changes, it can be helpful to add fresh content to your website as often as you can.

Why are these updates important? The “Googlebot” that crawls the web for pages that are new or updated  then adds them to the Google index. This means that if you are frequently revising your pages with fresh, relevant content, you are increasing your chances of ranking higher on Google with each update.

Keywords are Key

Keywords are high on the Google algorithm for ranking purposes. Because of this, it is important to utilize keyword-rich content in your website updates to make your site searchable and reliable in the eyes of Google. However, while search engine optimization is important, it is just as important not to over-optimize. Use your keywords thoughtfully and ensure that you aren’t just stuffing words in for the sake of it. Google doesn’t necessarily base your ranking on how many times a keyword or key phrase is used.

The use of keywords often results in more “authority” in Google’s eyes. The more informative, valuable content you can publish that pertains to your industry, the greater authority potential your website has (source).  If you are a trusted source within your industry and your website’s visitors continue to return to your website as a resource, Google is more likely to rank you higher in the search engine page results (SERPs).

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Website Fresh

Sure, 2018 doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but trends have changed. If your website is over a few years old, it may be important to look at the overall appearance of your website. Consumers are less likely to trust an outdated website than they are a fresh, modern site. Look at pictures and refresh them with clear, high-res media. Overall, be sure to keep with the current trends and provide a cosmetic facelift when necessary.

If you don’t know where to get started with a website refresh, contact the experts at Media Venue. We understand all three prongs of a good website: content, design, and search engine optimization. We can help you create a beautiful site that is optimized and provides a great user experience. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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