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With over 40 million subscribers, Hulu is one of the biggest streaming television platforms in the world. Now more than ever, people are cutting the tie with cable television. Instead, they are opting for the lower-cost, internet-based television options. The rise of streaming television has provided businesses with a great way to reach prospective customers. With Hulu advertising, your prospects are binging their favorites, making it a great time for you to engage with them and introduce your brand.

Even better? The Hulu Ad Manager allows marketers to easily create and deploy campaigns that can stream through current TV hits, classic favorites, and binge-worthy Hulu Originals. As the leading ad-supported streaming TV platform, Hulu has the experience, data, and scale to connect to your audience and drive results.

How Does Hulu Advertising Work?

Previously, advertising on Hulu was only accessible to businesses with large marketing budgets and the ability to fund large campaigns. However, in early 2021, Hulu rolled out the new Ad Manager. Now, small- and mid-sized companies can afford to advertise with Hulu without dishing out thousands of dollars.

Though it is still in the beta version, companies can “RSVP” for a spot. If accepted, campaign set-up is simple. Once you determine the dates that you want your campaign to run, you simply choose an audience, set your budget, upload your video, and track your results.

Choose Your Audience

While you cannot choose specific shows to place your ads within, you can choose who to target through location, interests, program genre, and more. Location can get as specific as state, city, zip code, or a designated marketing area (DMA).

Set Your Budget

A minimum spend of $500 is necessary to start a campaign. While this may seem high to some small businesses, it is significantly lower than other streaming television services with minimum budgets in the thousands.

Upload Your Video

The approval process for videos is quick – with ad approval happening within 72 hours of submission. While there are specific advertising policies that you must follow, videos that are between 15 to 30 seconds and formatted in MP4 or MOV are ideal for the platform.

Track Your Results

Along with the typical metrics available with digital campaigns (i.e., impressions and clicks), advertisers can find out what times their ads aired, and during which programs they ran.

Why Utilize Hulu Advertising?

Ads on Hulu have proven to be highly effective. Not only do they offer higher purchase intent and stronger ad recall than other similar marketing avenues. They also offer the ability to highly target an audience to help marketers reach the right prospects at the right time. In addition, while Hulu has over 40 million paid subscribers, they also have 92 million ad-supported viewers, meaning there is a potential for huge reach. With 90% of all 13–54-year-olds watching television on streaming platforms, the Hulu Ad Manager allows this huge audience to be reachable by smaller to mid-sized businesses.

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