Traditional Marketing Techniques: Tried and True Methods

We live in a world that is full of digital marketing everywhere we turn. Mobile phones can dictate our lives, and the advertisements that appear on them are flashy and frequent. However, often the advertisements that stick out the most are ones that appear in other forms: the ones on our favorite radio station or in the pages of our favorite magazine. Enter: traditional marketing. 

What is Traditional Marketing? 

Traditional marketing is any type of marketing material that is not online. This stands in contrast to digital marketing, which refers to online marketing strategies. Traditional marketing is the most researched form of marketing. This is due to its popularity and because it is one of the oldest forms of marketing. It can be specifically useful to utilize when marketing to a local audience. Traditional marketing can take any of the following forms.

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is a marketing strategy that involves sending physical copies of mail to consumers. This can take the form of fliers, postcards, brochures, or PR packages. Direct mail can be personalized specifically to consumers. One of its biggest advantages is the ability to target a specific audience by age, income, and location, to send them a personalized advertisement. 


Print advertisement is one of the most classic forms of traditional advertisement. These types of advertisements are ones that can be found while flipping through magazines and newspapers. However, there are many, many forms of print advertisements. If there is an ad on some form of paper, it is a print advertisement!  


Broadcasting is one of the biggest marketing strategies that falls under traditional media. This includes using mediums like television and radio. Although television can be an expensive form of advertisement, it can be incredibly effective. Radio ads are another way to advertise your business through broadcasting. While it loses the visual effect, radio advertisements can be funny and captivating. 


Outdoor marketing, sometimes referred to as out-of-home marketing, includes marketing through mediums like billboards, transportation posters, and benches. These types of advertisement are typically what you would see while commuting to work- a billboard on the highway, a poster in the train station, or a printed bench at a bus stop. If made and placed correctly, this type of advertisement can be incredibly effective for promoting your company. 

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