A Business, A Brand, An Identity: The Importance of A Brand Kit In Marketing

Think of your favorite brand. Imagine their logo and their colors. Perhaps you only need to glance at an advertisement before immediately recognizing it by the classic font and icon. Every commercial they create includes similar images, music, and colors. On every social media platform, the brand is advertised with their bright colors and font. 

Now instead imagine that you see an advertisement for the same company. But this time, the colors have completely changed, the font is different, and the logo is turned upside down. Instead of a professional voice, the text implies a rather causal tone that does not match anything you have ever seen from this brand before. You struggle to recognize this as the brand that you know and love. 

What is stopping brands from releasing this inconsistent and unrecognizable advertisement? It is their brand kit. 

What is a Brand Kit? 

A brand kit is a single resource that holds all the rules and basic content of a brand voice. It includes all the elements of a brand’s visual identity. It can also be called a brand style guide or a brand identity kit. The elements included show a company’s personality and typical design elements. It also contains rules such as when the logo can be used, and specifics with how each element is to be used and presented. With this resource a brand’s content can remain consistent across every medium that they release content. 

Essential Elements of a Brand Kit


A company logo is the most recognizable part of a brand. A brand kit includes all versions of the logo, the icon, and rules of how the logo should be used. The logo cannot be rotated or edited to be made transparent are examples of common rules in a brand kit. 


The colors of brand have a unique impact on people and their perception. Colors can evoke certain emotions, so match your brand colors to a positive emotion. Other things to include here are the exact shade of the colors a color ratio wheel, and when to use the colors.


This includes the fonts that a brand uses, alongside a type hierarchy. Rules about the fonts, sizes, and headings are common in this section.


This can be photography or graphics that represent a brand. These visual representations show the type of that of story that your brand is telling or evoke the type of emotions that your brand is intending to create.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Including what your company is, who your company is trying to be, and what a company values are important parts of a brand kit. This serves as a reminder of what a brand is trying to do through their content. 

The Importance of a Brand Kit

Without a brand kit, there is no foundation to build any visuals or personality for a company. Any type of advertisement will be off-brand and inconsistent, at best. It also helps a company remain professional and shows that a brand is serious about their content. A brand kit sets standards and rules detailing when the brand can be used, and what uses the brand wants to be associated with. A brand style guide is what makes a company recognizable and sets them apart from their competition. It helps consumers trust a brand– If branding is consistent, a customer can imagine the products and services must be consistent and reliable too. Having a brand kit is also efficient. Without it, creating any type of content would take much longer since there would be no place to find exact colors or visuals. 

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