Data Privacy and Protecting Your Information Online

Many individuals value their privacy and the right to data privacy. It is helpful for many businesses to have access to their consumers data to better target them. However, it is important for the consumer to have full control over what they want to share. The right to privacy is crucial, and everyone has the right to protect certain information from being accessible. Different technologies and methods can keep your information safe while providing the information most marketers look for.

What is Data Privacy and Why is it Important?

Data privacy is the power over how their private information is shared, used, and collected by others. Data is grouped into two main categories: personal data and your activity online. There is personal data, which can include your name, birthday, or social security number. There is also data about what you do online, which can include what you buy or websites you may visit.

While you may not think that securing your data is that important, especially when it comes to where you shop or what websites you visit, they can obtain personal data that you may not want others to have access to. Having control over your data privacy is so important, especially when it comes to keeping data like your emails safe. If you are not careful, you could download a program that could scan your email for data and sell it to advertisers.

Keeping Your Information Safe

Marketing and advertising agencies find data from their consumers helpful. However, there are methods that can be used to ensure your consumers’ privacy, while also getting the data you need to better target and understand your customer.

One method used is first-party data. A business collects first-party data when an individual visits your website, subscribes to emails, or buys your products. For example, if someone subscribes to a company email, the business can use their email, which is a piece of data. First-party data increases trust with consumers. Because the control is in the consumer’s hands, they remain in power of where their data is going and who has access to it.

Cookies are another method that protects your data. Cookies are little folders that many websites send to your device while visiting their site to remember different information about you. You can either accept the cookie or deny it. Cookies encourage transparency between the business and consumer. Because you are in control of whether you want the cookie to track you, it can build trust between you and the business.

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