National Take a Chance Day

National Take a Chance Day is celebrated this month, which is a great reason to get creative with your marketing. There are a variety of ways to take a chance in your marketing—whether that’s through social media, traditional tactics, or even a one-of-a-kind campaign. Creative marketing can help draw attention to your brand, gain new followers or clients, and maybe even go viral!

Creativity as a Vital Marketing Skill

Creative marketing campaigns make your business stand out among the rest. These campaigns don’t only impact your advertising department—they can impact nearly every aspect of your business!

Creative Campaigns to Stand Out

Your business should use marketing to make a brand for itself and stand out among the competition. Enhancing your marketing plan with creative and unique tactics will entice your audience. It will help your audience remember and form a connection with your brand, making them more likely to become future clients.

Using Creativity to Adapt to The Changes in the Marketing Landscape

In the Digital Age, the marketing landscape is always changing and evolving. Even with traditional tactics such as television and radio, there are endless variety of creative techniques that can be utilized. This can help to increase brand awareness even if your business is not using every tactic available. Whether on social media or a billboard, a unique ad will always stand out in your audience’s mind.

Unique Advertising Campaigns to Unite Your Business

The brand of your business is the way that your audience perceives the mission, goals, and practices of your business. Using creative marketing strategies can help to unite the branding across all tactics and departments, creating an even stronger connection between your brand and your business.

Get Creative with Your Marketing

Some of the most lucrative and largest brands in the country utilize creative marketing to increase brand awareness and to stand out among the competition. Below are just a few of the most successful and unique marketing campaigns.

Milka Chocolate

Milka Chocolate is a well- known chocolate brand from Switzerland. When they launched in France, they paired with a local agency to enhance their introduction into this new market. To connect the individual to the business, they created chocolate bars with a small square missing. They posed the question do you want to keep the last square, or pass it along to a loved one? The buyers of the unique bars could enter a code on the website where they could create a personalized message and address to pass the chocolate along to their loved one. This is a great example of a unique campaign that required the interaction of the audience, and increased traffic to their website.

Burger King

Burger King used their rivalry with McDonalds to increase brand awareness through a unique Halloween prank. In 2016, a Burger King in Queens, NY was redesigned into “The Ghost of McDonalds” overnight. The makeover was complete with a white ghost costume over their building. This campaign helped them stand out not only on social media, but to the local community. It also used a competitor to their advantage and stuck to the branding of the business.

The Art Institute of Chicago and Air BnB

This unique campaign utilized multiple different businesses and companies and yielded impressive results. The Art Institute of Chicago hosted the Van Gogh exhibit in 2016. The idea of this campaign was to focus on if you had the ability to stay in your favorite painting. They partnered with Air BnB and redesigned a studio apartment in the city into one of Van Gogh’s most recognizable art pieces. The ads encouraged people to text “Van Gogh” and some lucky individuals even got to rent the room for $10 a night. This resulted in the largest daily exhibition attendance for the Institute in 15 years.

Creative Campaigns Start in the Office

Creativity is not only a characteristic you are born with—it is something that can be fostered and encouraged in your environment. Creating a space in your business where creativity and uniqueness are encouraged plays a huge part in the kind of marketing campaigns your business executes. By embracing new ideas and experiments, providing the tools and resources needed, and utilizing data to enhance and select techniques, your business can create and enhance marketing campaigns by taking a chance with creativity. 

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