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This weekend, we celebrate National Tell a Story Day. Often, that is what marketing is: telling the story of your brand. Advertisements are a huge part of our culture, and the average person sees thousands of them every day. Your brand needs to stand out by telling your unique story and connecting the customer with the values behind your brand. At Media Venue, helping your brand tell its story is what we do best! 

Storytelling as a Useful Marketing Tool

There are many reasons why your brand should tell a story through your marketing. Stories are easy to remember, so your marketing campaign will become more memorable and connect to your consumer if you tell a story. Most cultures are built off stories, and stories are still shaping every society. Putting your story out there will contribute to shaping the next generation. Additionally, stories can inspire you customers without using a sales pitch. The best type of advertisements show the benefits of what is being advertised by inspiring the consumer to make a purchase. Finally, stories can unite your consumers and help them create a unique connection with your brand or business. Having stories in your advertisements will help bond your customers in a unique way- and this builds brand community.

Popular Marketing Campaigns That Tell the Brands’ Story

Telling your brands story through your marketing is a common tactic in the advertising industry. Using creativity and innovation in collaboration with storytelling, these brands have created unique campaigns that stand out among the rest.

Like A Girl

In this campaign’s commercials, Always featured women and young girls being interview and asked run and throw “like a girl.” The women proceeded to do a stereotypical “girly” run, while the young girls all ran normally. Instead of solely focusing their advertisement on showing their products, this campaign promoted their message- to promote powerful femininity and confidence among women and girls. This campaign won several awards for its positive message. They used storytelling to get their message across in an impactful way. 


Every year, millions of people across the globe await their Spotify Wrapped. On a random day at the end of the year, Spotify will release a personalized, curated slideshow of your listening habits throughout the year. Once Spotify Wrapped drops, millions of people will share them on social media, which gives Spotify a huge spotlight for coming weeks. Through Wrapped, Spotify allows others to share their stories themselves through Spotify. It also gives Spotify a chance to highlight the stories of their listeners. 

Just Do It

If you talk about successful marketing campaigns, Nike will always be part of the discussion because of their dozens of revolutionary advertisements. By using storytelling, Nike created marketing campaigns that not only sold their products, but changed and inspired a generation. Through these campaigns, Nike has highlighted dozens of popular athletes, not to mention shoes or clothes, but rather to share their stories. Their Instagram account is used almost exclusively to share the stories of those who promote their products. Through these inspirational stories, Nike has become a leading brand in the world, and is continually staying on top. 

Where Magic Gets Real

This Disney commercial followed the story of a young duckling who loved to look at cartoon comics of Donald Duck. He eventually loses his book, and travels on an adventure where he experiences hardships. After a storm, he emerges from under a bush to find himself in Disneyland, standing right next to Donald Duck. With the inspirational music behind the commercial, it is a tear-jerking moment when the young duckling meets his hero and arrives in Disneyland. This campaign used storytelling to appeal to the emotions of the viewer. Magic is the star component of Disney’s story, and that is highlighted in this advertisement. Disneyland is centered around the magic that they can provide to those who come, and this commercial shows that magical emotion through the story of the duckling. 

Media Venue Can Help You Tell Your Story!

When brainstorming for marketing ideas and tactics for your brand and business, include telling the story of your brand. This will help connect with your consumer, creating an image and bond in the mind of your customers to help to your brand stand out among the competition. The professionals at Media Venue know how to help your business tell your story. Whether you are ready to make your vision come true, or you need help finding and telling your brands story, contact the professionals at Media Venue. Our team is here to help you!

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