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When it comes to trends in the world of social media, the importance of the content that is posted goes beyond the words and the pictures utilized. Equally as important is how your posts are using hashtags. The pound symbol can be utilized to create searchable terms on platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They allow users of the platforms to search and follow pages that post about terms they are interested in reading content about. Hashtags have become a staple on most social media platforms, and here’s why.


One tweet was the beginning of it all. The hashtags that we know today began fourteen years ago, on August 23, 2007. A Marketing Specialist, Chris Messina, went in for a meeting at Twitter’s headquarters with the idea of using the pound symbol to group related tweets together. Ever since then, hashtags have become a leader in the digital world.

While hashtags were originally developed for Twitter, a variety of platforms have developed them as a common content piece. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are all platforms that allow both content creators and consumers to utilize hashtags. Each platform may be different, but hashtags are a great way to search for them.


A hashtag is more than just a pound sign or octothorpe. As previously mentioned, they essentially create searchable terms for consumers. They are an important part of any social media presence and marketing strategy. Hashtags can be used to increase engagement with followers, show support for different social issues, add context to a social post, and build brand awareness to help a target audience find a page.

Visibility is essential in enhancing a business’s brand. Using hashtags can expand an audience and increase brand awareness for new prospects by making a page searchable. Not only is there an opportunity to gain new followers, but to potentially gain new customers.


Each platform is different, therefore, how and what you post on them varies based on different trends and topics. When it comes to hashtags, it can be difficult to decide how many to use. Below is a list of the recommended number of hashtags to use for each of the popular platforms that we all know and love.

  • Twitter: 1-2
  • Facebook: 1-2
  • Instagram: 5-10
  • YouTube: 2-3
  • LinkedIn: 1-2
  • Pinterest: 2-5

It can be important to remember the style of platform that you’re on when using hashtags. On LinkedIn, it is important to keep them professional, and business-focused, while with Twitter, you can have a little fun. But be careful! Too many can be flagged as spammy and prevent that content from going very far.

#Get Searchable 

At the end of the day, hashtags are a dominant force on social platforms. They are a powerful tool in reaching the right audience and increasing page visibility. As an optimal tool for promotion, branding, activism, and so much more, it is safe to say they are a crucial part of any marketing campaign.

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