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GMB posting

As most people in business know, registering a business with search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo can have a wide range of benefits. Along with increasing reach, improving search rankings, and boosting overall web presence, registering with search engines has the potential to lead to increased leads.

But, there are added benefits to registering a business with Google My Business (GMB) – one of which is the ability to post information, pictures, and videos with call-to-actions (CTAs). Best of all? Both registering with Google and posting to your GMB are free of charge. That means GMB postings are a cost-effective addition to any digital marketing plan.

What is GMB Posting?

Before jumping headfirst into GMB posting, it can be important to explore the options available. GMB business profiles are a fantastic mechanism to use in reaching existing and potential customers that are searching online. Companies can create and share announcements, offers, new or popular items in stock, or event details directly within their profile (source). This addition of business information and updates can help people make better decisions as they browse.

COVID-19 Update

GMB added the COVID-19 update in 2020 in response to the ever-changing statuses of businesses throughout the pandemic. This type of post can be utilized to explain mask mandates, vaccination restrictions, or any specific safety measures that your business wants to notify searchers of.

Add Offer

Adding an offer on GMB allows businesses to add a specific deal or sale that they are currently promoting. Along with a description of the sale and a picture to accompany it, there are options for both a start and end date. Additional detail options include coupon codes, redemption links, and terms of the sales.

Add Event

Adding an event provides similar options to an offer – picture, description, start date, and end date. In addition, businesses can add a long description of the event and a “sign up” button for easy access to signups.

Add Product

Products can be easily added to a GMB profile for purchase or for more information. While purchases cannot be completed through GMB, links can be added to order online or resources to learn more about the products can be included.

Add Update

This is the most customizable option available for GMB posting. Updates can function similarly to social media posts and cover anything from business updates to helpful, informational resources for your customers or prospects. Buttons can be added to prompt actions from readers to promote conversions.

What can GMB Posts Do for Your Business?

Turns out, GMB is one of the most powerful ways to improve a business’s local search engine optimization and online visibility. It can be difficult for small businesses to get as much exposure online as other larger companies, but GMB offers a free platform for businesses to utilize for visibility in the search results. It can be a simple step taken in order to build brand credibility and brand recall. While exposure via GMB will not be as widespread as an SEM campaign, small businesses without the funds for a massive marketing campaign can take advantage of a free shot for visibility.

Along with visibility, GMB posting can also positively influence your local search engine optimization. Research shows that GMB “signals” are the most important ranking factor for local pack rankings (source). While claiming your GMB profile is a fantastic step to optimization, posting content furthers the benefits. Because the Google algorithm that determines rankings is so complex, it can be important to take advantage of all optimization methods.

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