Where Your Brand Needs to Be Online!

When it comes to knowing where you need to be online, it can get overwhelming. The first thing is to identify your potential customer or client. Once you’ve identified your target audience, then you have to match your advertising to their online behaviors. That means understanding who those individuals are and where they spend their time. You may never match up with every customer, but try to identify the largest segments.

For example, if your target audience is females 35 years or older in your specific market start by seeing where women of that age spend time online. Then, go further in terms of similar hobbies and interests, often these are easy to identify based on the type of product you sell. For example, a gardening retailer’s target consumer enjoy gardening, landscaping, etc.

Based on the information you have available, verify the top online channels for your group. Depending on your exact market, you may want to go beyond the top 3-5 networks. Check out this list of the top 20 social media sites of 2016. Often, being on the major players is great and you need to be there, by try looking for an up and comer as well. You’ll be able to get a lot more organic growth on a smaller platform and have a sizeable audience as the platform rises.

When it comes to consumer behavior you simply have to do the research. According to a recent study by comScore, smartphone app use is increasing across all active user age groups. If we are looking at our segment listed above, we would see it is split and falls among multiple groups. Noticing the trends and behaviors of these smaller segments is what you’ll need to identify to reach your audience.


Once you know where your consumers are spending their time, you realize where you need to spend your time. Now there is no need to be every single place your consumer is, and that can be hard to do depending on the size of your team. Focus on the number of outlets you can handle. It is better to be on fewer outlets with richer engagement levels, then spreading yourself too thin.

Navigating the complicated digital landscape can be overwhelming, but at Media Venue we can help.  We talk with you, we listen to your customers and we do the research. Based on this information, we then get your message in the right vehicle. The landscape will shift and change, and Media Venue will be right there with you keep your content and placement relevant. Call us today, we offer quotes and consultations to let you understand your options and how to get the highest rates of ROI.

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