World Television Day: The Benefits of Television Advertising

Television is widely known as one of the most effective forms of traditional marketing. With technology evolving, it has continued to maintain its place as a top advertising tactic. This technique offers a variety of benefits over other methods of traditional marketing, including its wide reach. The average person watches four hours of television each day, and every minute is an opportunity for you to connect with new consumers.

History of Television Advertising

Television remains the dominant form of traditional marketing, and it’s been almost a century in the making. In 1941, the Federal Communications Commission allowed ten stations commercial licenses, including the New York station WNBT. The first television commercial was on July 1, 1941, during the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies game that was broadcast on WNBT, a network owned by NBC. Right before the first pitch, the Bulova Watch Co. broadcast the first ever television commercial. The commercial was simple—a focused shot of a watch face while the hand ticked, and the voiceover announcing what time it was. This commercial cost the company only nine dollars—four dollars for the airtime and five dollars for the station costs.

Cable vs. Local

When advertising on television, there are different options that can fit each business’s unique needs and budget. Cable advertising usually consists of spot or network advertisements. Spot advertisements are cheaper than network and are specific to the region. Network advertisements target customers around the country but require a higher budget and are usually focused on specific channels. Advertising on local television is another option to get your business on the screen. Local television advertising offers a wider reach in your local area and more precise targeting due to the demographics of the local channels. Local television advertising also costs less than cable, depending on the market.

Benefits of Television Advertising

Advertising on television has remained a top marketing technique for decades. It offers various benefits to make it worth your money, including a wider reach, better demographic targeting, and increased brand awareness.

Wide Reach

Almost half of the adults in the U.S. have a subscription to a television provider—and each of these televisions are an opportunity to get your business in front of an audience. Television advertisements are quick, effective, and reach a lot of people in a short amount of time—which makes it a perfect advertising medium for most businesses.


When advertising on television, you can select what channels, programs, and times your advertisement is shown. These selections allow you to make the selections of what will best reach your ideal demographic. This advertising can also be measured through sales data, surveys, and studies, proving the success of these marketing campaigns.

Brand Awareness

Advertising on television has proven its success in increasing brand awareness and creating the connection with your consumer. Nearly half of television viewers say the ads they see through that medium are the most memorable. This success is partially due to the use of sight, sound, and motion to create a unique impact. Television can also help your business make an emotional connection with your consumers and increase their trust in your brand. Television advertising also offers a “halo effect” where all other advertising sees an increase in success when television is added to the marketing plan—making it a great addition to any campaign.

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