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You may think that when a consumer leaves a positive review, there is no need to respond to it. After all, there is no conflict resolution necessary nor is there any damage control that needs to be done. So, is there a need to respond to positive reviews?

Actually, there are a few different reasons that a business should respond to both positive and negative reviews. While handling negative reviews can be a tough process, it is imperative for helping to restore your business’s reputation. Similarly, there are many reasons to respond to positive reviews, including:

Making A Personal Connection

While consumers are often looking for convenience and cost when purchasing products, they are also looking to support businesses that share similar values with them. In fact, 71% of consumers prefer buying from brands that align with their values. By responding to positive reviews that are left by consumers, you can create a personal connection with them. This can help them feel more appreciated by the brand and therefore more likely to become not only a returning customer, but an avid customer. Responding to positive reviews shows that your business cares for the customers beyond just making a quick buck off them.

Providing Additional Value That Can Lead to New Conversions

If you want to maximize the impact of a positive review, provide additional value to the consumer that left it. They have left something of immense benefit in your lap (a positive review), so reward them accordingly. It takes 12 positive customer reviews to make up for a single negative review. When a customer leaves a great review, thanking them is the least you can do! Offering an incentive such as a percentage off their next purchase is a small token of appreciation. However, it not only shows your gratitude for their gesture, but can lead to new conversions.

Increasing Search Engine Optimization

Sources have shown that Google and other platforms will rank businesses that receive new and authentic reviews higher on search queries. An increased number of positive reviews shows that your business is reputable, and therefore prompts search engines to rank you higher than your competitors. While this may be one small step in the very complicated process that is search engine optimization (SEO), every step counts. Responding to positive reviews could make consumers more likely to leave them.

Being Authentic and True to Your Brand

Being authentic and appreciative of customers is a great way to stay true to your brand. Without the customers, you wouldn’t be the business you are! So, when you are tempted to shrug off positive reviews as icing on the cake, remember the importance of remaining authentic and thanking the valuable customers that are supporting your business.

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