Why Add Newspaper Advertising to Your Marketing Plan

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When consumers picture the most eye-catching ads they have ever encountered, it often isn’t a newspaper ad that they saw while drinking their morning coffee. And marketers get it – newspaper advertising isn’t always as glamorous as the digital mediums that have become increasingly popular over the last decade. However, it can still be an effective marketing tool and should be added to your advertising arsenal.

Here are a couple reasons businesses should consider adding newspaper advertising to their marketing plan:

#1 – Newspaper Advertising Boosts ROI

Newspaper advertising boosts ROI (return in investment) by three times on average (source). Newspapers have been around longer than any other marketing medium, which is why it is such a trusted option. People trust specific publications more than others, which means that if an advertisement is in a periodical that they trust, they are more likely to trust that is a business that could benefit them.

If a local brick-and-mortar store is looking to increase in-store traffic and sales, newspaper advertising is an extremely effective option. Newspaper ads that include “limited time” coupons and other special offers can drive store traffic and increase sales. It can be difficult to drive in-store traffic with digital ads alone, which is why newspaper advertising can be so efficient in boosting ROI.

#2 – Newspaper Advertising Works Well with Others

Newspaper is a low-cost media option that can be used to diversify a marketing strategy. Diversity in a marketing strategy can help businesses approach customers from a variety of angles. It can also help companies reach prospects that they couldn’t reach using a different advertising medium. While targeting options vary across the digital platforms, newspaper advertising helps to reach certain demographics that are not easy to reach digitally.

When implemented with other marketing strategies, newspaper advertising can be extremely effective. By reaching prospects digitally and traditionally, businesses can increase brand awareness and brand recognition. Plus, being active on a variety of marketing platforms can keep their company top-of-mind, which can influence a customer to choose their products and services over a competitor.

Boost Your ROI with Diversification

Media Venue is here and ready to help your business boost ROI and diversify by adding newspaper advertising to your marketing plan. We are excited to help you reach local or national consumers with a presence in the daily news. We have the resources, experience, and creativity to optimize your return on investment.

With professionals in both the digital and the traditional marketing sphere, we can apply our vast knowledge and extensive experience to develop a media plan that will deliver success. Plus, our experienced media buyers can help you place an ad in the publication that will best benefit your business. Contact Media Venue to get started today!

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