What’s Your Marketing Strategy?

marketing strategy

Every agency will tell you they look at media information differently than another agency – and they probably do. With traditional and digital media plans, there really is not a ‘wrong’ marketing strategy because multiple options could garner a similar result. Instead, it is more important to focus on the development of the strategy. For Media Venue, this must come first.

People throw around the word strategy nonchalantly, acting like it is a given when putting a plan together. Strategy development is two-fold. The first stage is when the client and agency work together on the expectations and desired goals of a campaign. The second stage is the research stage. This is when the agency takes the information from stage one and looks at the data which will ultimately design the plan.

Marketing Strategy Development

Media Venue prides itself on strategy development, using many resources to build plans of all budget sizes. Traditionally, we use planning tools such as SQAD for planning costs, MRI and Scarborough for market data, and Nielsen and Comscore for ratings data. Media Venue has subscribed to Comscore for more than four years and the data continues to get stronger. While we also subscribe to Nielsen (yes, we like data), Comscore is more than TV ratings. Comscore allows us to delve into greater market detail and take TV buys to the next level.

Measurement is the final component to ensure the strategy worked. We don’t wait until the campaign is complete before making adjustments or optimizing. Instead, we look at TV pre-logs and digital performance throughout the campaign. We can look at radio post logs and print placements. And, of course, we keep in contact with you on how your business is doing.  After the campaign, we review the post-buys and digital analytics, set up time with you to review the information, and make adjustments for future campaigns and answer questions.

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