Paid Search Ads and Organic Search Ads

Paid Search Ads and Organic Search Ads? What's the Difference?

Along with understanding why it is important to build an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, it is also essential for businesses to know the difference between paid search ads and organic search.

Why? Both types of ads can influence the number of visitors to your website and, therefore, the likelihood of a sale.


In search ads, ads appear within sponsored listings of a search engine or a partner site. When a consumer clicks the ad, the advertisers pay. Or, less commonly, advertisers can pay when ads are displayed. Ads are displayed according to a bidding process on keywords related to products and/or services offered by the advertiser. Paid search ads appear as soon as the campaign is approved by publishers. However, the ads will no longer appear when the paid campaign has been discontinued, or the budget has been exhausted.

Paid search budgets are developed using historical data such as keyword bidding history or the number of searches within the target market. Marketers usually set budget levels to span 30-day increments. This allows advertisers’ ads to appear in a consistent manner. Poorly structured campaigns exhaust budgets in a matter of days and fail to perform efficiently.


Organic search is a process in which consumers will enter search terms as a single string of text into a search engine. The organic search results are based on relevance to the search terms (determined through SEO) and exclude advertisements.

In order to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), a company must have strong relevant content, activity, and engagement on social media profiles and the corporate website. Search engine registration is also highly recommended, but should be completed in exact characters that match the social profile and website information (highlighting the importance of NAP consistency).  SEO takes several months to influence a company’s ranking.

Paid Search is in the red brackets in the image below. Organic Search is in the blue brackets.


Do I have to come up with the keywords to use?

Media Venue will provide you with the top searched keywords for your business/industry, along with hyper-local keywords.

How often can I change my keywords?

While most keywords will not change on a regular basis, we can update your campaign with keywords specific to promotions. 

How do I know if a campaign is working?

Media Venue places “pixels” on your website to help track success. Using information from these pixels (which collect information on site visits), we can then re-target ads to increase the likelihood of a successful conversion.

What makes Media Venue’s SEM program stand out from other programs?

Although Google has become the everyday term for searching, the search engine only reaches 55%-60% of search traffic on a given day. It is important for your ads to reach all your customers, which is why Media Venue’s Paid Search program goes beyond Google. In fact, our Paid Search program includes 98% of the places people search.

Won’t it be easier if I just set up a Google Ads account?

With a Google Ads account, the only service Google will provide is the ad space. Media Venue uses our 100 years of combined experience to put together a campaign that is effective for your business. This strategy can include designing ad graphics and submitting ads for you. We can also research both the best-performing keywords and the hyper-local keywords.


Media Venue can develop a strategy for your campaign and adjust it accordingly. After the campaign is complete, we will monitor the results. Contact Cassie Rogers by email or by phone at 502-855-4784 to get started with paid and organic search. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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