What is Mobile UX?

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Some businesses believe that once they have a website – the hard work is done. If all the necessary information about a business is available at the fingertips of the consumer, then they are already a step ahead of businesses that aren’t online. While it is extremely important for businesses to have a website, it can be just as important (if not more important) to have a website that provides a positive user experience (UX). Even more importantly, this positive experience needs to extend to all devices, including mobile devices, to create a positive Mobile UX.

In fact, the Mobile UX can be critical to your business for a couple of reasons – it can impact how willing website visitors are to convert, and it can influence your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

What Constitutes a Positive Mobile UX?

Typically, the best place to start when ensuring a website has a positive Mobile UX is to determine if the user experience on a website is positive when it is being viewed on a desktop. A great UX design is not simple to define because it should be based upon the targeted consumer. Website designs that follow a “human-centered” approach are more likely to fulfill the needs of consumers in a positive manner.

While the UX is highly based upon the user, there are standards that can help guide businesses in the right direction when creating a website that offers a good experience. These include:

– A simplistic, but aesthetically pleasing design
– An easy navigation system or site map
– Informative, relevant, and helpful content
– Company transparency, values, and mission

If a site is user-friendly on a desktop – it is important to have this experience translate to all devices. Businesses need to ensure that there are parameters in place for mobile optimization in the backend of the website. This ensures that a consumer will have a positive experience on a website regardless of their device.

How Can Mobile UX Impact Conversion Rates?

Mobile UX is so important in today’s world because most consumers are accessing websites on their mobile devices. In fact, studies have shown that 52% of the time, users are accessing digital media through mobile apps. When a user can have the same positive experience on a website that they do on a desktop device, it can create a sense of trust between the consumer and the business.

In addition to this trust, consumers are more likely to convert on a website that offers a positive Mobile UX. If a customer cannot easily find a way to complete the desired conversion on a website, they are less likely to follow through and complete the action. Easy navigation, clear direction, and seamless loading times can all be an important part of a conversion.

Influence Rankings with Positive Mobile UX

Search rankings are easily influenced by UX because it can help define how helpful a website is. If a user is immediately clicking away from the first choice on the results page and clicking on the second one, that first result is likely going to be ranked lower because it didn’t answer the query (source). Search engines are looking for “long clicks”. Long clicks are how long people stay at a link to determine how helpful and informative a website is.

By ensuring that a website has an extremely positive UX, businesses can decrease website bounce rate and promote clicks. This will in turn positively influence the search rankings of a website.

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