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There are many powerful tools you can use to advertise your business, but one of the most influential is video marketing – and it is on the rise! In fact, people are spending more time watching shopping videos and it’s predicted that video will make up over 80% of internet traffic by next year.

But what exactly is video marketing, how can it benefit your business, and most importantly, how can your business get started with video marketing? Media Venue has the answers to these questions and more.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a powerful form of advertising. It ranges from ads as short as 6 seconds to longer videos that businesses can post on their website, social media, and YouTube. Video marketing offers numerous opportunities and strategies that businesses can utilize to meet their marketing goals. It can also be utilized for both informational videos and video ads.

What are the Benefits of Video Marketing?

There are numerous benefits that come from utilizing video marketing. Three of the key benefits are:

1. Additional Flexibility

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen in-person meetings turn into email conversations, phone conferences, and videoconferencing. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, videoconferencing provides opportunities for business partners to meet remotely with more flexibility due to cost savings and no need to travel. It is not surprising that this flexibility applies to video marketing as well.

Businesses can bring the in-store experience to shoppers across the country through video – whether they are providing a tour of their facility or an in-depth explanation of a new product.  In fact, more than 70% of consumers say they prefer learning about services and products through video marketing!

2. Increased Sales and Website Traffic

Struggling to increase sales or website traffic? Video marketing may be the perfect solution!

Including a video on a website page can significantly increase the likelihood of that web page reaching the first page of Google, which can lead to more organic traffic to your website. Additionally, approximately 4 out of every 5 video marketers noticed an increase in sales and website traffic.

Further benefits of on-page video include an improved conversion rate on landing pages and increased time on the web page.

3. Large Impact on Social Media

Video marketing on social media platforms can have a significant impact on your business. In fact, Impact reports 8 billion and 10 billion videos being watched on Facebook and Snapchat each day (respectively). It also reports more than 80% of Twitter users utilizing the platform primarily for video content. However, perhaps one of the most impressive social media platforms when it comes to video marketing is Instagram, which reports 3 out of 4 users taking action after watching a video and almost just as many making a purchase. This means that utilizing video marketing does not just stop with television ads and on-page videos on your website. Video marketing can have a significant impact when used across social media!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a video be?

At Media Venue, we recommend video ads to be 30-60 seconds long and no more than 2 minutes. Only 40% of consumers will continue watching a video past the 2-minute mark. Therefore, we encourage creating a powerful message that consumers can quickly watch and understand. Need help with this? Contact Media Venue!

What is the strategy behind video marketing?

There are many strategies that drive video marketing, but it is ultimately determined by your business goals. Whether you are looking to grow brand awareness or increase conversions, Media Venue can create a video ad driven towards achieving your marketing goals!

Why is video marketing important in 2020 and beyond?

Video marketing is important in 2020 and beyond because of its increasing reach and relevance. People are spending more time watching videos and it is predicted to continue increasing in the future. Now is the time to get your business in front of consumers with video marketing!

How effective is video marketing?

Video marketing is extremely effective and can assist your business with a variety of goals, whether you are looking to increase engagement on social media, improve sales, or something different. The majority of video marketers report increases in sales, website traffic, conversion rates, and more by using video marketing.

How Can I Start Video Marketing for My Business?

Video marketing is a great opportunity to expand your business’s reach and achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to utilize videos on your social media platforms, website, or for video ads, Media Venue can help your business reach its video marketing goals. Visit the Media Venue website today to learn more about Media Venue’s digital and traditional marketing capabilities or email Cassie Rogers at

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