Utilizing Comscore for Smart Media-Buying

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At Media Venue, we are continuously seeking out the best tools available for our media planning initiatives, which in turn provide us with more comprehensive data.  This information then allows us to make smarter media-buying decisions for our clients. For many years, only one company would measure TV ratings with little change to the collection method. However, was there a better way to collect information?  This pattern changed at the turn of the century with the introduction of a new data-collection method: Comscore.

What is Comscore?

Comscore was established in 1999 and has since changed the way media buyers look at the television landscape. Today, Comscore provides more comprehensive, cross-platform data by collecting ratings from over 60 million televisions in the United States through their partnerships with media systems such as Charter/Spectrum, ATT U-Verse, DIRECTV, and Dish. They also have streaming partnership with Hulu to measure OTT (Over the Top) usage.  In fact, Comscore directly measures 25% of U.S. television households.  It is used by more and more station groups across the United States as the primary ratings service or along with another ratings service. Comscore is the only ratings service used by all stations in some markets.

Let us take a closer look at Comscore’s data collection and measurement along with Comscore’s demographic measurement.

Comscore’s Data Collection and Demographic Insights

Through Comscore’s partnerships with the media systems, Comscore directly measures more than 30 million households (1 in 4). This provides media buyers with expansive, comprehensive data they can use to make the most effective media buying decisions.  No longer do buyers only have ratings from a limited number of diaries.

Furthermore, working with its data partners, Comscore appends the ratings with consumer data at the same address (matching in a privacy compliant manner), enabling a deeper look at the demographic segments beyond just age and gender. Comscore’s data collection also weighs and balances the households in each zip code.

Comscore also has the measurement capabilities to look at specific programs in a market, providing buyers with break-by-break ratings during a program.  This is in addition to lead-in and lead-out ratings. These capabilities help spots run during the strongest television breaks and can also help the buyer negotiate an effective make-good.

Media buyers also want to make sure they are getting the “best bang for their client’s buck” on programming. This is where Comscore’s tile report becomes a huge benefit to media buyers and clients alike. The Comscore tile report—broken into 4 tiles—shows how programs may fall in a “low rating and low audience engagement” category or “high rating and high audience engagement” category. This report then directs media buyers on which programs will be most effective for their clients.

Utilizing Comscore for Smart Media-Buying

Comscore’s data collection provides expanded demographics, allowing media buyers a more granular look at a variety of demographics in any of the 210 markets.  These demographics include the age range and gender, but also include race/ethnicity, residence ownership, household income, education, and household composition.

Comscore also offers an advanced demographics—lifestyle—which allows media buyers to plan a buy around activities/sports, interests, occupation, and recreation.  This in turn allows buyers to reduce waste and maximize on smarter programming.    If you want to know what programs are more likely viewed by people who make charitable donations, that is an option to view.  Interested in reaching outdoor enthusiasts?  Comscore can provide direction.

How to Receive the Most Effective Results from your Media Budget

Ready to partner with a business that can not only plan media purchases, but plan them based on a strong data pool and a goal of getting you the best results for your investment? Then call Media Venue!

Media Venue’s traditional marketing team provides clients with great results when they choose us for their media planning and buying need.  By helping businesses plan the most effective media buy based on their budget and goals, we create a stronger impact on our clients’ target audiences and generate better results.

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