Understanding Targeted Video Advertising

Targeted Video Advertising (TVA) is an online advertising format that utilizes short video clips to deliver a branded message. Advertisers have some control over how, when, and where their video ads are displayed. This freedom allows for more granular audience targeting based on interests, demographics, behaviors, or a combination of the three.

However, unsurprisingly, the success of a TVA campaign relies on more than just reaching the right audience – it also relies on the message you are portraying to your audience and whether that message can drive actions. To create a successful TVA campaign, it is important to not only reach your intended audience but to know the steps behind creating profitable video creative, known as the ABCDs.

The ABCDs of Profitable Video Creative

Though audiences and consumer habits are constantly changing, the core elements of creating profitable video creative remain the same: attracting viewers, branding your business, connecting with consumers and directing the action. It is as simple as ABC(D)! These four elements work together to take your TVA campaign to the next level.

A – Attracting Viewers

It is safe to say that the first 5 seconds of your ad are the most imperative. Because of this, it is extremely important to utilize an ad’s opening moments to hook your audience. Studies have shown that 66% of people skip online video advertising, meaning that unless you quickly attract the interest of viewers, you will lose more than half of your viewership. Tight framing, fast-paced shots, and memorable imagery are all great ways to capture viewers that stay and engage with your video.

B – Branding Your Business

Even the most engaging video will not be a successful advertisement if branding is not prominent in the creative. Naturally integrated products, logos, colors, and audio cues are important elements that keep your brand at the forefront of viewers’ minds. Differentiate your brand from competitors and reinforce why you are a trusted solution.

C – Connect with Consumers

Connect with the audience on a deeper level – whether that be with humor or emotion. Viewers are much more likely to remember and want to support a business that they feel a connection with. It’s also important to establish your business’s function in the viewer’s life. A functional message that incites an emotional response is associated with better metrics (source).

D – Directing Action

Prompt, inspire, and compel your viewers to act. By guiding action with your video, you are taking a direct step to create leads for your business. Motivate engagement with call-to-actions and text within the video. In addition, make it simple for consumers to take action to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Placement of Targeted Video Ads

You can promote your TVAs in an infinite number of places. YouTube and social media outlets are the most popular. However, it can be hard to tell which place is the best for your business. One thing is certain – that there is no single place that is best. Targeted video placement is based on your specific business and strategy. That is where we come in!

Our third-party placement platform can position your TVAs for success within your specific targeted audience. Audiences are reached by interests, topics, demographics, and more. If you are interested in TVA and aren’t sure where to start, we can help! Contact the experts at Media Venue and enhance your marketing investment!

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