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There are multiple approaches to digitally re-engage with consumers throughout their online shopping journey. But is it possible re-engage with them using traditional media? This is the concept behind retargeted postcards—also known as direct mail retargeting—which allows businesses to follow up with online shoppers just days after they make a visit to their website. As of 2020, this marketing tool is just 5 years old, yet it provides numerous opportunities for businesses. So, what exactly are retargeted postcards and their benefits?


A retargeted postcard is a physical direct mail piece that provides an opportunity to bring your business offline and into consumers’ hands days after they visit your website. These retargeted postcards are addressed with the homeowner’s name and offer special incentives to encourage the consumer to return to your business’s website and make a purchase.

How Do Retargeted Postcards Work?

Retargeted Direct Mail technology works by identifying and matching website users’ IP addresses to a physical home address. Within a few days of that consumer landing on a designated web page, a personalized postcard generates addressed to the homeowner with a relevant message or offer enticing them to visit the storefront or return to purchase online. Retargeted postcards can also have specific offers based on the page a user visit.  For example, a consumer looking at a pair of boots will receive a different postcard than someone who viewed a t-shirt.

How Often Do Retargeted Postcards Go Out?

A business can set the frequency and number of retargeted postcards they want to send each month.  For example, an advertiser may want to reach a consumer frequently, with the same or even different offers.  In this case once an IP address is collected, the advertiser’s direct mail piece will be sent out to the same consumer every set number of days with different information or incentives. The creative on the postcard can also be different each time. This provides a new opportunity to catch the eye of the consumer.  However, if an advertiser wants to limit the frequency a consumer receives its message, regardless of the number of times the person goes to the website, they can opt to not send more than one card every 30 or 60 days.

Businesses can select to send cards at a DMA level or targeted to consumers in specific areas or only to new customers.  For example, you can send out retargeted postcards only to consumers with a home address in a specific zip code (with a minimum of two zip codes in a campaign). At Media Venue, our retargeted postcard campaigns also do match back to ensure that a website visitor living outside that designated zip code area does not receive a postcard.

To maximize the return, Media Venue requires a digital campaign to run along with the Retargeted Post card program.  The digital program will help drive consumers to the business’s website, generating more awareness and interest.


Retargeted postcards are not just traditional media engagement in response to a digital visit. In fact, retargeted postcards offer several benefits that make them a great advertising choice for businesses!

Streamlined Design

Traditional direct mail campaigns require a list (database or purchased) and can have long lead times. However, retargeted direct mail re-engages interested consumers with your brand message days after visiting your business’ website.  This quick action enables you to keep your brand and products top of mind with that consumer while they are actively thinking about making a purchase.


Creative can include one or multiple offers and you can change out messaging within 48-hours.  Another unique aspect of the Retargeted Post card program is that business’ can send a customer a unique offer. These offers can be based on the last page within your website that customer visited.  Therefore, if you sell multiple items, you can target what the consumer was most interested in, further enticing the person to purchase.

Strong Response Rate

One of the many benefits of retargeted postcards is their strong response rate. According to the Neil Patel blog, the response rate of retargeted postcards is 4.25%, which indicates much stronger performance than a digital retargeting ad.  Even more, Media Venue’s Retargeted Post Card program has a match back of 70%-75%, assuring an advertisers message is getting into the correct consumers hands.

Retargeted Postcards Increase Brand Recall

Another notable benefit is that direct mail can increase brand recall. In fact, those who received direct mail had a 75% brand recall. This is more than a 30% increase from consumers who received digital mail offers. (source)


As of 2020, direct mail retargeting is only 5 years old. However, in that time, it has proven itself to be an effective form of advertising. After all, retargeted postcards bring information about your company off the screen and into the hands of interested consumers. There are numerous ways to utilize retargeted postcards in engaging your online shoppers with traditional media. Your business is sure to see some benefit from this form of traditional marketing! Ready to learn more? Contact our Media Buyer and Planner—Carolyn Drury—for more information at Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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