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‘Tis the season for spreading holiday cheer and sharing family recipes with loved ones. The Media Venue family is sharing one of our favorite recipes with our followers – the recipe for a successful video ad! Video advertising allows you to connect with your desired audience visually and audibly. Specifically, videos are an important part of Targeted Video Advertising (TVA).

TVA is an online advertising format that allows businesses to choose where their video ads are displayed, allowing for more granular targeting. However, once the audience is reached, it is extremely important to draw them in with a compelling video. The most important parts of an advertising video are drawing the audience in, highlight important points, and include a call to action.

Draw the Audience in with Video Advertising

The beginning of a video ad is the most critical part. To avoid having potential customers skip the ad, it is important to get their attention immediately. Studies have shown that many consumers will skip an unengaging ad within the first 5 seconds, and that around 65 percent of customers will skip an ad as soon as they get the chance. This means it is imperative to spark the interest of the target market within seconds.

Some of the best ways to hook an audience in the first few seconds of your advertisement is to address a common problem or share something that makes your brand stand out (source).  By doing so, you make your brand relatable and necessary to consumers. If you have a product or solution that will tackle a problem they have in their lives, they will be interested to hear what you have to say. Another way to grab the attention of viewers is to start off with a surprising visual that will make them want to keep watching.

Whatever method you choose, its important to keep the viewer watching so that you can move on to highlighting important points you want your audience to leave with.

Highlight Important Points

What are you trying to tell your viewers? Are you explaining why a specific service that you offer sets your brand apart? Or maybe you have a special you want to share? Regardless of what you are trying to convey, it is important to highlight your points effectively and quickly. Your video should tell the viewers why they should choose your brand over other similar competitors. Whatever the reasons, you need to make your brand unique and the best choice for their needs.

All the while, these points need to be conveyed within a reasonable timeframe. Long video ads are likely to lose viewers and can leave a negative impression on viewers. Consumers are more likely to view short, concise, and relevant ads all the way through. Though the platform matters for exact length, try to keep any unnecessary or superfluous points out of the video narrative.

Once you get your point across, it is time to call on your viewers to take action and engage with your advertisement and brand.

Include Call-to-Actions in your Video Advertising

Effective call-to-actions (CTAs) in video ads are simple and straightforward. No consumer is going to want to jump through hoops to engage with your brand. So, it is important to ensure an easy path to action. CTAs are an important way for a business to convert a viewer into a lead for the sales team. Ultimately, it is important for businesses to create CTAs that start a viewer toward a buyer journey, to eventually convert the viewer into a customer.

If you are ready to create video ads that result in conversions, contact Media Venue. We have experience in many different online platforms and can help you reach your target audience will well-planned, engaging videos. Our recipe for a perfect video is only the beginning to creating a successful TVA campaign. Contact us to learn more about TVA and the get started today. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!


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