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The evolution of email began 50 years ago. Today, it has become a prominent tool in marketing to directly reach consumers. With access in both our hands and pockets, email has become such an effective way to bring attention to your business. While some may view email as outdated, it continues to be a trendsetting opportunity for marketing. With 99% of email users checking their emails every day, it without a doubt continues to hold its footing in the forever evolving marketing world. The benefits and chances for creativity are endless. Emails can be seen as a blank canvas for what you have to offer a customer. Even better? They can ensure that you reach your prospects at the right time and place.

Benefits of Email

Email marketing is a great opportunity to grow brand awareness. It allows you to reach your audience and generate website traffic. With more than 4 billion active users and growing, checking your personal and/or professional email has become a prominent part of everyone’s day to day.

Not only are you able to engage with potential customers, but there is also a high return on investment (ROI). Email marketing alone generates $38 for every $1 spent according to Campaign Monitor. This is an incentive for a brand to take a step back and look at their email marketing strategy and figure out how to maximize that return.

Make it Personal

When receiving a message, it always feels nice to be addressed directly. It gives a personality to a business by showing that they recognize a valued consumer. Emails that include a personalized subject line generate 50% higher open rates than those that do not. Personalization of any form can help ensure a higher click through rate (CTR). Using an individual’s name or a customized introduction and/or subject line is a great way to make a personal connection.

The opportunity for highly personalized content isn’t one that should be over-looked. Email marketing can include different variations to increase engagement. In order to have a successful email marketing strategy, it can be imperative to use segmentation and personalization tools (Source). Making an email personalized isn’t life or death when it comes to the click through rate. However, it can allow an opportunity to improve it. Taking the time to personalize it will only have a positive outcome on the campaign itself.

Create a Connection

With 50 years’ worth of ongoing development, email has become a key player in marketing today. It allows you the opportunity to get to know your consumers and provide them with personalized emails that not only catch their eye, but also leave them feeling valued. At the end of the day, if you’re looking to reach your customers directly, email is the way to go. It may be seen as old fashioned in the eyes of some, but it’s important to remember that marketing trends may fluctuate, but email is forever.

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