The Benefits of Using Email Marketing Campaigns

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With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving consumers questioning how your company is proceeding with business, it is important for you to have a way to engage with them and let them know about possible solutions: curb-side pick-up, delivery options, online ordering, etc. Email marketing is a great tool to directly engage with your customers and keep them up to date not only during the crisis at hand, but all year long. There are numerous benefits of utilizing email marketing campaigns as part of your marketing plan.

Benefit #1 – Timely and Customizable

Email marketing is a great way to directly reach out to your customers exactly when you want to reach them. Email is a direct channel into your customer’s inbox. This means they get the email precisely when you want them to receive it. Many other digital media marketing avenues are more passive and reach the customer depending upon their location, online activity, or other factors. However, email is direct and sure to reach the customer when you want it to. Studies have also shown that 54% of emails are opened on mobile devices. This means that you can reach the customers regardless of if they are sitting at a computer or not.

Additionally, emails are extremely customizable. This ability to customize emails makes it a versatile avenue to reach out to customers in a more singular and personal way. By creating email lists, it is also very easy to target certain demographics within your customer base to make sure you are marketing the right content to the right customers. Customer are more likely to engage with content that is relevant to them and it helps keep your reputation as a relevant business to that customer.

Benefit # 2 – Large Reach and ROI with Email Marketing

Email marketing has a HUGE potential to reach most customers – 91% of consumers use email. This makes for higher conversion rates and higher engagement rates. Since email can also reach people on their mobile devices, conversion rates are even higher. Studies have shown that with emails, mobile conversion rates are higher than any other medium.

Studies and research have shown that ROI (Return on Investment) tends to be very high with email marketing. This is because it is very economical and affordable. With email marketing costing only pennies for each email, it is very affordable to reach mass amounts of people for a low cost. One email can be used to reach thousands of customers and gain possibly thousands of impressions.

Benefit # 3 – Analytics and Tracking

Emails are extremely simple to track and analyze to check customer engagement. Most email platforms provide a comprehensive way to check views and clicks on an email. Many will also show how the email opens and the IP address of the opener. Using these analytics is a simple way to create leads to follow up on based on interest. Or, analytics can be used to improve marketing efforts on the next email you send out.

How MV Can Help Your Email Marketing

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to email marketing efforts, let Media Venue help you along the way. We have a powerful email platform that can send beautifully designed emails to the customers that you choose. We can also provide you the helpful analytics that you can use to best determine how you want to engage with customers that responded to or clicked on your email.

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