Is television still worth the ad dollars?

In a seemingly digital world, Do consumers still watch local television? 

“The whole idea of television news or any kind of news is to inform people about things they need to know about.”  – Ted Turner

When deciding how to spend your advertising dollars each year, do you keep up with what has changed within traditional media (print, radio and television)?  If you are most local advertisers, you hate trying to decide how to spend your small pot of ad dollars to ensure you receive the best ROI.  Let me reassure you that local television news still pulls strong consumer viewership year over year making this a great place to invest a portion of your ad dollars.  It is appointment viewing for most consumers.

televisionAccording to Nielsen Media Research data, local network affiliate television stations are still seeing strong viewership around local news programming.  In 2014, morning and early evening news dayparts were up between 2-3% over prior year.  These results have led many stations to add non-traditional news dayparts to their daily schedule (ex. 4am, 4:30am, midday and 7pm).  These dayparts have experienced growth up to 10% in certain markets.

So what does this mean to you Mr. or Mrs.  Advertiser?  Consumers still watch local news programming and many dayparts can even outperform Prime TV time slots for a lower cost.  At Media Venue, we understand the buying process.  We want your money to stretch farther and work harder than it ever has before.  Call us today to set up a Media Consultation.  Our job is to learn about your business, understand your goals and respect your budget.

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