Television Is Still King


Do you remember the 1980 song, “Video Killed the Radio Star”? The hit track by British one-hit wonders the Buggles laments how the rise of television had taken over entertainment, an industry previously dominated by radio. Whether you know the song or not, the theme is a poignant one—new technologies do often lessen the popularity of old ones. In fact, many people believe this cycle is continuing today, with digital video is killing the television star. A five-year Nielsen study seems to confirm this theory, showing that that traditional TV viewing is trending down.

However, the average time an adult over the age of 15 spend with live television is still over 2.8 hours a day. This engagement can help your business’s branded message to reach a wide variety of audiences.

The Wide Variety of Television Options

Twenty years ago, no one had heard of DVR, YouTube, or alternative television. Instead, everyone watched live TV. Satellite options were mainly utilized in rural areas and Netflix was in its earliest stages of development. Now, there is a seemingly endless number of ways for viewers to tune in.

The growing popularity of smart televisions has made streaming television a huge success in the past few years. It is projected to continue to expand its reach. The number of smart TV users is forecasted to grow to 119 million by 2022, representing about 58.3% of all connected TV users (source). For those without a smart television, there are a wide variety of devices (Roku, Fire Stick, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.) to enable streaming. In fact, more than 78% of US households have at least one streaming device along with their cable or satellite provider. Rather than replacing standard TV, streaming seems to be the evolution of television content. It offers unique advertising options of its own.

Additionally, this increase in streaming television does not mean that cable television is no longer in use. In fact, many people in the United States still use cable television as their main news source. Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN alone have a combined viewership of over 7 million, making them the most watched cable networks overall.

How to Utilize Television Advertising

Why is it important to understand the importance of both cable television and streaming television? As a business, it is important to utilize the best avenues to reach your potential clients. Both traditional marketing methods are great ways to do so.

Think about how you watch TV.  How often do you not have a tablet, laptop, or smartphone in your hand (or nearby) when viewing?  How many times have you paused the TV, or hit the rewind button to learn more about a product?  Have you ever looked up that product on a nearby device to learn more?  Have you ever learned about a show online then programmed your DVR to record?  TV and Internet work together cohesively to further enhance your viewing experience.

Considering this as an advertiser is a great way to market to potential clients. Both streaming and traditional television allow businesses to reach a wide, targeted audience. By purchasing ad spots during specific times or shows that your intended demographic is likely to be watching, you can ensure that your advertisements are reaching the right people at the right time.

Put Your Business on TV

Television advertising is such a great way for businesses to reach their target audiences with sight, sound, and motion to create an emotional connection. If you are ready to discover ways to make the most out of your media budget, contact us today! We apply our vast knowledge and extensive experience to develop a media plan that will deliver success. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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