On-Air Television Interviews for Your Business

In marketing, television remains the gold standard. Getting your business on television is a great way to reach a large audience in a short amount of time. You can gain credibility and exercise creativity to build your brand. Commercials aren’t the only television marketing options. Many television news stations, especially those that are local, offer interviews as a way to get extended air-time.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

On- air television interviews are often offered as part of a package or paid schedule by local news stations to those businesses that are advertising on their channel. Usually, these interviews are part of a daytime, local broadcast put on by the news station. These interviews are usually live, but can also be pre- recorded or recorded via Zoom for those not local to the area the station is in. These interviews can range from five to fifteen minutes, but usually this is cut down to between two and three minutes that will air. The interviews give local businesses the opportunity to connect with the audience, reach new customers, and present your brand in a personable, memorable way.

A Small Investment, with Big Results

On- air television interviews are usually part of a paid schedule or a package with a business or client. Due to this, they are often times “added value,” or at no direct cost to the client—but they make a huge difference. The on- air interviews offered by television stations are a great addition to your marketing plan, with various benefits, such as those below.

An Opportunity to Create a Connection with Your Audience

An on- air interview is a great way to create a personal connection with a new audience. Your local television station can reach your target audience and provide a path to convert them to customers. These interviews also offer a chance for more unique promotions, such as giving away tickets during the interview or offering a promotion. Those watching these programs often feel like they are inviting the interview into their home, and this can be used to create a personal connection with them that can convert

The Interview is an Asset

 These interviews can be used as assets in many different ways. Be sure to request a copy of your segment after the interview. Clips can be cut from the interview and used on video platforms such as YouTube or TikTok. The entire segment can be uploaded to social media sites to reach people that aren’t local, such as on Facebook. You can even grab screenshots of the interview to be used as photos.

Television Establishes Credibility

Television has always been held in high regard with viewers and consumers alike. Being featured in a television interview as an expert in a field is a great way to establish yourself in an industry. When viewers see a business on television, they immediately become more credible. They are trusted by the television company to be on-air for an interview, therefore most viewers trust them as well. Credibility is one of the most important qualities a business can have. You can attract a larger audience than before, due solely to the impact of an interview.

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