Targeting the Affluent Consumer: Learning from the Bourbon Boom

Here in Louisville, KY, bourbonbourbon-boom-custom-1 has been beloved for many years and is more than just a drink. It’s a lifestyle. In 2014, the bourbon boom expanded across the country. Predictions state that we will continue to see the growth of the bourbon industry in 2016 by around 20%.

What audience does bourbon attract?

So, who is the bourbon boom audience? Statistics tell us they have higher incomes, more disposable cash, higher education levels and are now nationwide. This audience is male-dominated, but reportedly, 37% of women drink whiskey. What draws audiences to bourbon? Bourbon has a long history rooted in Kentucky and American traditions. It has the allure of being unique, handcrafted, and local or American-made. Due to the length of time it takes to make a proper bourbon, it has a high quality of scarcity and exclusivity. Some of the most prominent such as Pappy Van Winkle, have made the news in 2015 for selling at record high prices.

Any other trends we should know?

This spike, like those before it, will fall, but in marketing, we know we should jump at the chance to grow and market to this massive audience before it is gone. These fleeting trends allow us to increase our knowledge of the consumer base. Beyond bourbon, there is a larger trend of wanting to have products that promote a certain lifestyle. Consumers want products that are in tune with their passions and indulgences, they want to learn more about a product than what is on the label. Today’s consumers become a part of a larger scheme creating feelings of community among strangers. They value authenticity and luxury; they are buying an experience, not just a product. They are not just individual consumers they are a subculture.

How could this consumer perspective relate to your business or product? Some of the principles may be basic but can get lost underneath years of tweaked marketing campaigns and trend-chasing. What is the experience you are selling?

Is there a consumer group you would like to know more about? Here at Media Venue, we want to know what is important to you. Comment below, and we will reach out to discuss what marketing questions or comments you have.

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