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advertising agency advertising budget

Why Use an Advertising Agency?

Many businesses consider working with an advertising agency, but do not understand all the benefits of doing so. Will an agency cost your business more …

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magazine advertising branding

Magazine Advertising – Make a Lasting Impression

Although the 21st century is regarded as the age of technology, there are many benefits to utilizing traditional marketing methods, such as print advertising. In …

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Capitalizing on the morning communters News

Capitalizing on the Morning Commuters

We’ve all been there – waking up to the feeling of being a little too rested and checking the clock to see that you’ve overslept. …

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cable advertising News

Cable Advertising – A Targeted Solution

When deciding how to spend their advertising dollars, many businesses may be surprised to discover that TV advertising is much more complicated than it originally …

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advertising budget advertising budget

Planning an Advertising Budget for Approval

Creating an advertising budget involves a variety of moving parts. That’s why it can be difficult to create a plan that gets approved by all …

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holiday marketing digital marketing

Holiday Marketing Ideas – ‘Tis Almost the Season

As the holidays are quickly approaching in one of the most unprecedented years in history, businesses are already grinding their creative gears. Why? In hopes …

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branding branding

Why Branding is Important To Marketing

In the early days of marketing, a brand identified the company that produced a good or service with a simple image or mark. For example, …

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working from home digital marketing

Working From Home – A Media Venue Reflection

To say 2020 has been a year of challenges is an understatement. Everyone has their own story about enduring triumphs and tribulations while working from …

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advertising-budget advertising budget

How to Set A Successful Advertising Budget

Setting a successful advertising budget can be a daunting undertaking. Today, there are so many media vehicles with varying degrees of options that it can …

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comscore graph analytics

Utilizing Comscore for Smart Media-Buying

At Media Venue, we are continuously seeking out the best tools available for our media planning initiatives, which in turn provide us with more comprehensive …

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