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Benefits of Billboards

Outdoor advertising has been around since the 1500s, known as “flyposting”. Unsurprisingly, the name changed to what we know it as, Billboards. There have been …

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Traditional Advertising is Not “Dead”

Yep, you read that right. Traditional advertising is not dead. In a recent article, the Harvard Business Review (HBR) stated that traditional advertising – long …

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8 Types of Billboards

Billboards have been around for a little over 150 years. Originally, they were based on poster advertisements. As billboards started becoming more popular, the ad …

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QR Codes: What Are They and How Do You Use One? 

QR codes are everywhere! Take Snapchat for example. You can scan someone’s QR code to add them as a friend instead of typing their username. …

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The Olympics – A Complicated Advertising Game

For more than 3,000 years, the Olympics have been an ever-changing event. Created to honor Zeus, the king of Gods, it has expanded tremendously. It …

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Why Add Newspaper Advertising to Your Marketing Plan

When consumers picture the most eye-catching ads they have ever encountered, it often isn’t a newspaper ad that they saw while drinking their morning coffee. …

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streaming services Streaming Television

Fall In Love With Streaming Services

Streaming television is taking the world by storm. With more and more people cutting the cord with cable every day, streaming services provide a great …

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cinema advertising cinema advertising

Cinema Advertising – Get on the Big Screen

The home of cinematic story telling is back! With movies back in production and the viewer experience heading back into the box office, now is …

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print advertising branding

Print Advertising – Let’s Get Physical

In today’s digital world, it is easy to assume that print advertising is dead. However, it is very much still alive and thriving! Magazines, newspapers, …

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Podcasting Podcasting

Do you “Heart” Podcasting?

Podcasting has steadily become a popular form of entertainment over the last decade.  Offering content creators free reign over subject matter and format, podcasting allows …

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