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Advertising on Streaming Television

            Television is one of the most popular marketing avenues—some even call it the “Gold Standard of Marketing.” But as marketing has shifted to a …

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Advertise with streaming TV News

Why Advertise with Streaming TV?

Key Points: In July, streaming content won 34.8% of total U.S. TV viewing time. Streaming offers denser metrics like video completion rates. Streaming allows advertisers …

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The Olympics – A Complicated Advertising Game

For more than 3,000 years, the Olympics have been an ever-changing event. Created to honor Zeus, the king of Gods, it has expanded tremendously. It …

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streaming services Streaming Television

Fall In Love With Streaming Services

Streaming television is taking the world by storm. With more and more people cutting the cord with cable every day, streaming services provide a great …

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hulu advertising advertising budget

Hulu Advertising – Stream Your Ads

With over 40 million subscribers, Hulu is one of the biggest streaming television platforms in the world. Now more than ever, people are cutting the …

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television television

Television Is Still King

Do you remember the 1980 song, “Video Killed the Radio Star”? The hit track by British one-hit wonders the Buggles laments how the rise of …

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traditional creative print advertising

Best Practices for Traditional Creative

Traditional marketing refers to any type of advertising that is done offline – the most popular vehicles being television, radio, and print marketing. While digital …

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cable advertising News

Cable Advertising – A Targeted Solution

When deciding how to spend their advertising dollars, many businesses may be surprised to discover that TV advertising is much more complicated than it originally …

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comscore graph analytics

Utilizing Comscore for Smart Media-Buying

At Media Venue, we are continuously seeking out the best tools available for our media planning initiatives, which in turn provide us with more comprehensive …

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utilize local media local search

How Consumers Utilize Local Media during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic began changing our world, it also created some significant shifts across the advertising and media industry. One noteworthy shift is how …

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