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Reviews digital marketing

MV How-To: Encourage Reviews

Reviews are the cornerstone of your business’s online reputation. More and more, consumers are turning to Google or Facebook reviews to make decisions about which …

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local search digital marketing

Local Search 101: Putting Your Business on the Map

By now you know that it’s important for your business’s website to be search engine optimized. However, if you have a defined service area, you …

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Google My Business digital marketing

Be More Than a Directory Listing with Google My Business

Most users picture Google My Business (GMB) as a platform that allows your business a local directory listing. This is true – GMB is a …

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The Importance of Citation Management citation management

The Importance of Citation Management

Ranking highly organically on Google or other search engines is no easy feat. However, your website’s rank is incredibly important—research has shown that75% of people …

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SEO ranking digital marketing

SEO Ranking – How Many Links Do I Need to be #1?

SEO, search engine optimization, seems to “rank” high on the list of priorities of businesses that are looking to promote their brand. SEO refers to …

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digital marketing

Why Your Business Needs an SEO Strategy

Keeping up with industry trends can be difficult, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. It seems like there is always a new algorithm …

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Bert algorithm digital marketing

Will the New Bert Algorithm Affect Your SEO?

At Media Venue, we are always watching for shifts in the digital marketing industry so we can help businesses succeed. In fact, Media Venue offers …

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Search Engine Registration: Why it Matters digital marketing

Search Engine Registration: Why It Matters

Imagine you are starting a new business and just published your website. After you launch and review your new site, you turn to search engines …

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Paid Search Ads and Organic Search Ads? What's the Difference? digital marketing

Paid Search Ads and Organic Search Ads

Along with understanding why it is important to build an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, it is also essential for businesses to know the …

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Google My Business digital marketing

FAQ: Google My Business

Although most search engines have their own search engine registration process, the one that sees the most popularity and success is Google My Business (GMB). …

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