Super Bowl 50 Commercials: Underwhelming

Superbowl CommercialsOkay,  I’ve read all, well not ALL actually but many opinions and votes for the Best Super Bowl commercials this past weekend.

Most everyone thought the “First Date”  spot by Hyundai was the Best all around.  The “Wiener stampede”  was a close second and the Doritos “Ultra sound” spot was very clever.  And no, no one I spoke with seemed offended by the baby shooting out.

I didn’t think that this Super Bowl batch was the best ever and actually most seemed boring and unimaginative to me. Considering the expense and time that most companies spent incoming up with something clever, memorable and hopefully producing a respectable ROI,  then I’d say many will not be back next year.  Branding in a sports event like the Super Bowl is the grand stage for branding anything.  I think that Budweiser figured out a long time ago the magic of horses and animals “buddying” up together is a win-win no matter what you do or show them doing.

What were your reactions to this year’s ads?

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