SEO Ranking – How Many Links Do I Need to be #1?

SEO ranking

SEO, search engine optimization, seems to “rank” high on the list of priorities of businesses that are looking to promote their brand. SEO refers to the process of increasing online visibility to users of web search engines. Factors that play a part in SEO ranking include search intent, content relevance, CTR (click through rate), page speed, SSL, and website links. It is important to focus on optimizing your business in all of these categories. Many marketers in particular put a focus on website links and how many links are necessary to get you the best SEO ranking possible. So, how many links do you need to rank #1?

The simple answer to that question is this – it is complicated.

Why Links Matter to SEO Ranking

Links help raise your SEO ranking because they act as confirmation that your content is relevant. Search engines strive to provide users with the most relevant content easily available to their users. Google, for example, handles 2/3 of all search traffic and can maintain this dominance over the industry because of the relevant content they provide their users. Users are more likely to continue to use a search engine that provides them the content that they are looking for. Sources linking to your webpages shows search engines that your content is credible and reliable content to display to users, making them more likely to promote your content higher than other less dependable subject matter.

Kinds of Links

– Multiple Links: When many separate sites link to your webpage. These kinds of links are useful to SEO ranking because, as mentioned before, it indicates credible content. Multiple links show an increased popularity and an increased number of engaged users that find your content useful. This can help search engines validate that your information is credible for a variety of users.

– Popular Links: A page that has a lot of links that source to that page has a high SEO ranking, and a link from a high-ranking site has much more pull than multiple links from lower ranking sites. Quality matters just as much as quantity, and these links prove that, as they can have a strong positive increase in SEO rating.

Building Links

So, how do sites get the links necessary to build SEO? The simplest way is quality content. If your content is quality and includes linkable assets, it will be simple for other users to want to link to your site as a reputable asset to their content. Another commonly used way to get links to your site would be guest blogging. When you guest blog for another business, it is simple to add links to their pages to your site and build your own SEO.

How Media Venue Can Help with SEO Ranking

If you aren’t ready to take on your SEO ranking by yourself, Media Venue can help. We offer SEO consultation and can help website coding, website content, website activity, and incoming website links to assist with higher ranks within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), organically. Contact us today to get started in the right direction with your SEO management.

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