Search Engine Registration: Going Beyond Google

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When marketers talk about search engine registration, most often they focus on Google. And with good reason—Google is the most popular search engine worldwide, taking about 70% of the market share (source). However, that popularity comes with the challenge of wading through the competition to rise in the ranks. With roughly 30% of the market lying in other search engines, it may be a missed opportunity to dedicate all efforts to Google. Registering your business with these other engines, especially Bing and Yahoo, can increase your reach, improve your rankings on those engines, and boost overall website presence—all of which can lead to increased conversions.

Bing and Yahoo collectively take up the majority of the market share not held by Google. Each of these search engines see quite a bit of traffic. Bing had 1.034 billion total visits in January 2021, and Yahoo averages 700 million visits per month. So, how do you get your business in front of those eyes? By registering your website with each engine.

Search Engine Registration with Bing

Bing has two tools you can utilize to get your site fully registered on the search engine. The first is called Bing Webmaster Tools, where you submit your URL for indexing. This means that Bing will take the URL for your website and add it to their database of sites. Once you have done this, you can also track search performance, backlinks, and other SEO metrics. One added convenience of Webmaster Tools is that you can connect it to your Google Search Console, effectively importing your site data and then tracking search performance for both engines. However, you will still have to use each platform’s respective dashboard to view individual search engine activity.

The second tool Bing provides only applies to those with a physical location for their business, and it is called Bing Places. Similar to Google My Business, Bing Places is a directory and map service that allows owners to supply NAP data (name, address, phone number) to the search, as well as monitor reviews and provide information to current and potential customers. To create your Bing Places listing, you must login with your Webmaster Tools account and then select “Add Single Business.” There, you will be prompted to add your business information—remember to keep your citations consistent! Bing Places does also have the convenient feature of linking to Google My Business, which you may chose to do for an easier data import.

Search Engine Registration with Yahoo

Good news—Bing powers Yahoo! This means that Yahoo draws its search results from Bing’s indexed webpages. So, if you have followed the process for Bing, your site has been submitted to Yahoo too!

Going Beyond Google

Google is certainly a necessary consideration for any good SEO plan. However, throwing all of your resources into Google can be a missed opportunity for visibility and, ultimately, conversions. The search experts at Media Venue can register your business with all three major players in the search world. This will ensure consistent information and boost your website’s SEO. Contact our Digital Marketing Director at or call us at 502-855-4783. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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