Relationship Marketing: Becoming a Customer-centric Marketer

The goal of relationship marketing is building strong, long-term customer engagement. Social Media is at the forefront of relationship marketing. Companies may be let down by the lack of instant results from creating social pages, but they must remember that is not the goal of social media.

In relationship marketing Customer-centricity-300x296companies can build their brand by creating emotional connections with consumers that drive lead-generation and word-of-mouth support.  Utilizing social media analytics also provides a further look at the target consumer. By seeing who is advocating their brand, companies can gain insight into how to reach similar consumers.  Companies that not only send out their messages but continue engaging conversations will find valuable feedback and be able to monitor customer satisfaction in a new form.

Using the insight found from relationship marketing companies will be able to naturally integrate into the lives of consumers instead of simply speaking at them. Companies will also be able to immediately respond to negative customer experiences creating a better chance at regaining or keeping patrons. Loyal customers are a wonderful type to have they can often keep a business going steady even in times of recession.

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