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What has 1.8 billion active users every day worldwide and grows by 11 people every second? Social Media.

Social platforms have become a significant part of our day-to-day life. In fact, active Facebook users spend, on average, 58 minutes every day dedicated to this social media channel. With reach like that, why not utilize this platform as a medium in your digital marketing plans? One great way to reconnect with your consumers is social retargeting.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting campaigns can take a website visitor that did not make a purchase and provide them with gentle reminders over time to convert them into a customer.

In a perfect world, we imagine a consumer visiting a website, making a purchase, and then becoming a repeat customer. Unfortunately, most consumers that visit a website for the first time are not ready to buy. Most people need more than one interaction with a website to acquaint themselves with the products or services a business offers. Therefore, retargeting can be a great complement to most marketing strategies by providing the soft nudges some consumers need to convert.

How is Social Retargeting Different?

In today’s diverse digital atmosphere, it is important to take a retargeting campaign beyond the traditional siloed approach. Connecting the dots between a consumer’s web journey and their social media behavior enhances a standard retargeting campaign. Social media platforms have demonstrated their ability to capture an audience’s attention, and you can use that to your advantage by creating a social retargeting campaign.

So how do you incorporate social media into your retargeting campaign?

Target the Right Audience

Social media platforms give you the opportunity to “build” a target audience that will most likely respond to your product or services. You can utilize location, age, and interests to hone in on an in-market consumer.

Send the Right Message

Social media provides a medium that allows for a wide variety of messaging opportunities to best demonstrate the product or service that you are promoting. Text posts, static ad creative, or video posts can all be used to connect with prospects.

Set Campaign Goals and a Timeline

What is the goal for your campaign? If you are building a branding strategy, retargeting ads should have a consistent frequency over a longer period. Retargeting an audience without a frequency cap could drive more impressions to consumers that have already demonstrated interest if you have a short term offer.

Analyze the Data

Digital and social campaigns must be monitored and optimized to maximize results. Understanding your website’s traffic and analytics before, during, and after the campaign will assist you in determining the lift you received from the campaign. The social retargeting portion could also drive new consumer likes and follows to your social media pages (including Facebook and Twitter).

Let’s Reconnect with Social!

What can we take away from this information? It’s simple: the social media landscape is here to stay. Projections show that social media users will continue to grow throughout 2021, 2022, and beyond. Regardless of your business’s organic social media strategy, it can be an extremely useful tool in a retargeting campaign. As marketers, we need to embrace the ever-changing marketing landscape and capitalize on it. Contact us today to enhance your marketing investment!

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