How to reach the Millennial Mom

Millennial Moms (ages 18-34), currently make up the majority of school age children’s parent. They are a large consumer demographic; however, they are unique from previous generation due to the technological influences. Weber Shandwick recently completed a study about Millennial moms, which provides several insights for those wishing to reach these prime buyers. (Find the full study here.)

Women consumers in this group have 3.4 social media accounts the-millennial-momand spend an average of 17.4 hours per week with their social networks, 4 hours more on average than other mothers. This increased time on devices and social networks allows them more time to share and connect with one another. They are more likely than other moms overall to provide opinions and recommendations. Due to their open lines of communication, millennial moms reported being asked for recommendations 9.6 times per month. This generation of mothers is the most influential yet.

Another shaping factor about these women is that they came into adulthood during a rather unsteady economy. Most of these moms left college with the heftiest debt even though they’re a member of the most educated generation. These multiple factors have made this generation arguably the savviest when it comes to products that protect the financial well-being of their families. On social media the words frugal, frugality, thrifty, etc. are common among their conversations.

One of the biggest trends identified is that Millennial Moms are the most willing to pay for life management assistance. Most identified themselves as being overly scheduled, and short on time. As a group, Millennial moms are almost twice as likely to pay for products and services that would simplify their lives; to a certain price point.  I believe due to increased expectations including more after school activities, higher parent involvement, more community programs have led to parents now being their busiest. That’s not to say that is bad or good, it is simply different for parents at this time.

Advertising Strategy Recommendations

Based on this study, when it comes to reaching this group for digital advertising as well as traditional advertising there are 3 recommendations that truly stand out:

#1 Focus on mother-child relationships

The “family” no longer looks the same, and our advertisements should mirror that to secure a level of connectivity. As an example look to Cheerios, their recent TV Ad campaigns focus on the parent-child bond rather than the family unit.

#2 Mother’s Share and Influence

Provide this group with content that they can feel good about sharing. Ask them to contribute and create content with your products; they want to be heard.

#3 Make their life easier

Let these mothers know how your product or service fits into their busy lives. Show them tips and trick to use your product easier and faster. Then share those tips where they are on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and blogs.

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