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In today’s digital world, it is easy to assume that print advertising is dead. However, it is very much still alive and thriving!

Magazines, newspapers, and other print publications are visible and practical. Usually, the human and print interaction is primarily based on physical contact. These publications are real, and readers can physically interact with them. This plays a big role in how these ads work and what results they can deliver for a business. Here are some of the main reasons that print advertising is an extremely effective marketing tool:

Focused Attention

Reading something online can sometimes be a task. Irritating pop-ups, flashing banners ads, auto-play videos, and notifications appearing next to or on top of what consumers are trying to read can leave a bad taste in their mouths. Even though it may seem easier to get a reader’s attention with a digital ad than with a print ad, it’s harder to hold it. Digital ads are easily ignored by swiping the ad away or clicking the “x” button. In the eyes of the customer, they are often more annoying than effective. According to HubSpot, 91% of users say digital ads are pushier today than in previous years.

By contrast, this can’t happen with print. Print advertising is much more relaxed and concentrated. Enjoying a magazine or newspaper is done during a leisurely time in the consumer’s day. Typically, print publication readers are not intentionally searching for specific information. In contrast, this is almost always the case with digital.

Furthermore, print publications earn a higher recall than digital media. A study by Canada Post and True Impact found that, when asked to name the brand of an advertisement they had just seen, recall was 70% higher among applicants who were exposed to a physical ad (75%) versus a digital ad (44%).

Increased Trustprint advertising stats

Print has been around for a LONG time and has become a very trusted source throughout the decades. Looking at the survey by Marketing Sherpa, consumers trust print ads. In fact, they trust them significantly more when compared to various types of digital ads. Even TV ads are less trusted than print advertising when it comes to making a purchase decision.

Print ads can provide real value to consumers. Today, a consumer’s trust is one of the most important factors in advertising. If a consumer can’t trust an ad, how can they trust the company that is serving the ad?

Proven Longevity

Ads served digitally don’t last long. A digital ad can be served so long as the budget allows. Once the budget is spent, the digital ad stops. On the other hand, print ads offer a much longer lifespan. As a physical object, print advertisements never go away. Consumers tend to hold onto a print publication, such as a magazine, for an extended period. Some readers even save images and tear pages out for inspiration. Since print publications last, their content (ads included) leaves a lasting message.

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