Keeping Creative: Prevent Burnout by Refreshing Creative

Why is Creative Important?

Given the popularity of memes, quotes, videos, and infographics, they are perfect for delivering short, compelling marketing messages that are up to 65 times more memorable. All of these assets are examples of creative that is used in marketing campaigns. Even the most popular ads have a limited amount of time to be relevant. If you are running a campaign that is high volume and will reach many different groups, we recommend rotating your ads to maximize your ROI.

How to Prevent Creative Burnout

Here are some tips to prevent burnout by refreshing creatives:

  • Creatives should be changed when a new campaign or promotion starts. If you’ve got something new to say, you need to bring out fresh creative.  At minimum, the creative should not have run within the previous quarter. For example, for Facebook and Instagram, the average “life cycle” for creative is 36 days.
  • Remember to change and create new creatives every quarter. Give your audience a reason to stop and notice something new. After four or five months of running the same creative, the response rates fall off by more than half. With the same promotion but new creative, routinely you will see a bump in sales.  Updating your brand can help improve your customer’s perception of your business. By modernizing your branding and messaging, you can show customers that you are staying current and relevant in the marketplace.
  • Know your goals for your advertising campaign. They could be boosting traffic to your website by a certain percentage year over year or increasing the click through rate (CTR) of your digital advertising. Run your creatives through the right media mix at least 30 days before full evaluation of the ad. Give your message and visuals time to resonate with the target audience. Gather your campaigns reach, impressions, and frequency to see if it’s successful.

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