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A business’s online reputation loosely refers to the resources that are digitally available for prospective clients to utilize to learn more about your company and its standards. These resources include articles, reviews, social pages, websites, or any other mention of your business electronically. It is important to be active online and have these assets available to consumers. However, it can be difficult to manage how people perceive these resources and the reputation they create for your business.

While it may seem like your business’s online reputation is out of your hands, it is important to understand that it is possible to make positive moves that can improve your presence. It is becoming more important than ever to ensure that you have a healthy online reputation. In fact, many consumers are checking out reviews on both the products/services and the business as a whole before making purchases or choosing a provider.

Be An Active Part of Your Online Reputation

Being an active part of the online community is no longer an option for businesses, it is a MUST. It can be just as bad for business to have no online presence as it is to have a negative one. Over 70% of businesses have a website and over 90% of businesses over 100 employees are using social platforms for marketing purposes. If you are not online, you are already a step behind your competition.

Having an online presence reassures prospective customers that your business is reputable and reliable within your field. Creating a well-rounded, strong presence with a website and social platforms, while working to get backlinks on reputable online articles, can help instill trust in customers and prospects alike. It is much easier for people to trust something they can see online than something that has no presence at all.

Engage with Your Online Community

Having an online presence is a great start. But, the next step is engaging with this presence and the community it creates. Having positive reviews is a fantastic base, as most consumers look for at least 10 positive reviews before trusting a business. However, it can be just as important to respond to these positive reviews as it is to foster an open environment for them. Responding to positive reviews can help promote customer loyalty, which in turn will boost your retention rate. In fact, majority of consumers feel that a business that responds to a positive review is a business that truly values them.

Yet, as any person in business knows, there will always be an occasional bad review. Maybe one of your employees made a mistake or didn’t meet a customer’s expectations. It can be impossible to please everyone. However, engaging with negative reviews is a constructive way to bridge the gap between your business and an unhappy customer. Be sure to respond quickly, be personable, and maintain professionalism. Most importantly, take the conversation offline. This creates a sense of connection and to give the issue the attention it deserves. Offer an email or phone number for the customer to reach out in order to reach a resolution. Showing that you are willing to work toward a solution is a great way to show you truly care about the negative experience.

Create a Positive Online Reputation with Media Venue

If people are talking about your business online, you need to know about it – both the positives and the negatives. Media Venue can help you create and manage an online reputation to put your business into a positive light. If you are ready to get started toward an active online presence, contact Media Venue today! Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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