Pinterest for Business is Booming

As a business owner, if you are not already actively engaging on Pinterest you are MISSING OUT!

Pinterest is among the top social media platforms for 2016. As of July, Pinterest has over 110 million monthly users with over 50 billion pins. The average user spends over 98 minutes a month on Pinterest. (source)

Unlike Facebook and Instagram which are still commonly used foremost for personal sharing, business is ideal for Pinterest. The use of this platform for businesses is skyrocketing and Pinterest is doing its best to accommodate the changing landscape. Pinterest introduced analytics back in 2013 and continues to improve upon them. Buyable Pins which allow people to purchase your products right from their Pinterest account rolled out in 2015. Their staff offers a helpful resource section for all business owners. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business Pinterest plays no favorites.

Pinterest’s app also lends itself to being completely mobile friendly. Beneficial since E-commerce sales in the U.S. accounted for nearly 30% in 2015. Projected growth of around 15% is reported to be seen by end of 2016. Pinterest is making it easy to purchase items with as few clicks as possible. (source)

With several choices of social media platforms available for your company’s marketing opportunities you should always compare the average user to your target audience. So even though it is an amazing platform, let’s just take a look at exactly who is on Pinterest and see if these are the users you want to reach.

Picture your average customer and let’s compare.


Sprout Social’s Pinterest demographic breakdown reveals that the majority of users are female between the ages of 18-49 years of age. In terms of location, they are almost even across suburban, urban and rural. 62% of Pinterest users have at least some college experience or degree. (source)


“42% of online women use Pinterest.” (Source)


What do you want to increase for your company?


Web Traffic

Each pin you create offers an opportunity for users to be one click away from your website. All a browser needs to do is be motivated by your beautiful imagery and click. If that users saves your pin to their own board, all of their follows will see it as well. Those followers are now simply 1-2 clicks away from your website. Pinterest is a Mecca for website clicks.

Walgreens the well-known retail pharmacy chain more than tripled their referral traffic by implementing Pinterest into their digital marketing strategy. Their pins not only showed off their wide array of products, but they offer tutorials on many of their beauty and health products. Their presence lets them become a resource and an inspiration to their consumers. (source)


If sales are your end game, then give consumers the option. Buyable pins allow a quick and simple purchase. If you aren’t ready to jump on the blue button bandwagon that’s alright. When creating your pins avoid sending Pinterest users to your general website. Instead send them directly to the product so that in one click it can be in their shopping cart.

Adore Me, the online lingerie retailer began utilizing Pinterest organically and a steady increase of referred sales followed. They then stepped up their game realizing the potential and begin using promoted pins increasing their Pinterest revenue by 4000%. (source)

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is simple to increase and maintain on Pinterest. By creating an easily recognizable profile picture you can be sure each pin is visually paired with your brand. You can do just about anything from there whether you create product videos or imagery. Be sure to keep a consistent feel to each though. If you choose to employ a brand ambassador approach, keep it simple and make sure their personalities reflect your company’s values.

Pinterest has been called, “The world’s digital catalog” and it is so true. It’s an ideal place for users to find new brands, new products, be inspired by amazing people and plan their futures.

Become a part of the Pinterest community and reap the rewards of being a part of the proactive engaging planning stages of people’s lives.


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