How the Penguin 4.0 Update Affects your Marketing


The Penguin 4.0 update to the Google Algorithm has been active for a few months – so now is the time to evaluate what this change may have on your marketing strategy. In today’s environment, most advertising and marketing efforts drive website traffic. Because of this, Google has amped up the security behind links to make advertising initiatives safer for consumers.

Google introduced Penguin back in April 2012 to combat web spam and to penalize websites whose SERPs (search engine page results) relied on exploiting “black hat” SEO tactics (source). These tactics include keyword stuffing, link schemes, and duplicate content. While the Penguin 4.0 changes may not affect all marketing efforts, it is important to understand the new rollout and assess if your campaign could see an impact.

Changes with Penguin 4.0

To understand how the changes in the Penguin algorithm could affect you, it is important to understand what has changed from the previous versions. There are two main changes:

– Penguin now runs in real-time: In previous versions, Penguin used to run intermittently. Sometimes, Google would only run its algorithm once every few months. This meant that penalties could only incur once the algorithm was refreshed. Now, Penguin 4.0 refreshes in real time. Penalties will show up or be lifted in days rather than in months. This also means that your content can rise and fall in rankings significantly faster than it previously did.

– Penguin no longer penalizes an entire domain: This is an important change for many website owners. It means that a portion of a site may be ranked lower without devaluing your entire website. This is a big step for websites that are actively working to recover from a spam or hacking issue. However, it also is a great step toward penalizing sites whose whole functionality is driven by spam backlinks.

Effects of Penguin 4.0

While honest marketing campaigns that utilize legitimate linking strategies should remain unaffected by the updates to Penguin 4.0, now is a great time to make content a priority. Review your website and refresh general content where you can. Remove any bad or untrustworthy links from your website. These steps will ensure healthy SEO habits and keep your website high-ranking in the SERPs.

If you are looking for ways to build upon your active content and help boost your SEO, consider blogging. There are many different content building methods. As experts within your field, consumers look to your business to share knowledge. It is important to not only educate them on your products and services, but on your industry as a whole. Without this fresh content, you could find that your website’s organic ranking will continue to struggle even with the changes implemented by Penguin 4.0.

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