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While many traditional advertising methods have stayed with their conventional roots, radio has evolved with the ever-changing digital world. Streaming radio, or online radio, now accounts for over 500 million dollars’ worth of streaming music revenue and the format continues to grow each passing year (source). Many companies have begun embracing streaming radio as a lucrative way to promote their businesses to listeners, and it has become extremely popular with listeners and businesses alike.

Pandora, specifically, is the largest streaming music provider in the United States. It provides a highly personalized listening experience to approximately 70 million users each month, creating a fantastic platform for businesses hoping to reach prospective clients.  Today, we open Pandora’s box and explore the variety of advertising options available through the streaming radio platform.

Pandora’s Audio Ad Solutions

Audio ads are one of the most popular and widely used ad solutions offered by Pandora. Businesses can hyper-personalize their advertisements by leveraging listener data in real time. Available triggers include location, time-of-day, and weather for you to reach your ideal audience at the right time. Audio spots can be 10, 15, or 30 seconds and will reach users between songs that they love, meaning the ad is reaching an engaged audience, every time.

Streaming Radio Video Ad Options

Though it may seem impossible for a streaming radio platform to provide video advertising options, Pandora offers a wide variety of video options to businesses in order to reach users that are streaming music or music videos on the web, mobile devices, or tablets. The most popular option, Sponsored Listening (Video), allows businesses to exchange a 15 second ad for an hour of uninterrupted music for listeners. This option ensures that no other ads are competing against yours. The listener is only being served your advertisement.

Pandora’s Display Ad Solutions

If your business doesn’t have the resources to create captivating audio or video advertisements, Pandora also offers display advertising options. These display options allow you to use beautiful graphics and engaging copy to captivate listeners. Their dynamic display advertising opportunities allow businesses three unique capabilities:

#1 Sequential Messaging: businesses can capture and engage listening by telling a story with multiple targeted ads. Ads are sequenced in real-time based on users’ previous exposure or click behavior.

#2 CTR Optimization: businesses can test the CTR (click through rate). Afterwards, they can automatically give more weight to the banners that perform the best with consumers.

#3 Creative Targeting: Utilizing the same ad tag, businesses can serve different creatives or landing pages tailored to listeners based on their demographics.

Interested in Streaming Radio?

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