New Google algorithm could drastically affect your website’s ranking!


The new Google algorithm modification will assist consumers with finding websites that feature mobile-friendly content. As of 2014, more internet users access the internet via mobile device than desktop computers. Due to these statistics, Google is adjusting their algorithm to give precedence to mobile-optimized websites in all mobile searches. Therefore, non-mobile-optimized sites will severely fall within the SERPs (search engine result pages).

What does this mean for you?

If your company does not have a mobile-friendly site, you will likely see a drastic decline in mobile traffic and lower conversion rates. As you are aware, lower traffic on your website usually equates to a lower number of leads and sales.

Why is Google modifying the algorithm?

Google wants to offer the best mobile experience for the user. Over half of the searches made on Google are made via a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). Therefore, if your company does not have a mobile-friendly website, Google assumes that the user will have a poor experience. Poor experience equate to pinching and pulling to access information, pages not correctly loading into the device parameters, etc.

When will the new algorithm be in place?

The modified Google algorithm will be in full effect as of April 21, 2015. As of Tuesday, Google will give preference to mobile-friendly sites and there is a good chance that non-mobile-friendly sites will drastically fall within the SERPs.

Is your website mobile-optimized?

If you are not 100% positive that your website is mobile-friendly, please give us a call at (502) 855-4786 for a FREE website analysis. If your existing website is not mobile-friendly, Media Venue can assist with developing a mobile site to accompany your existing website or develop a totally new “Responsive” website that will function on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Please contact Cassie Rogers at (502) 855-4784 with any questions that you may have regarding this post.

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