The Future of Marketing:  Celebrating National Streaming Day

Marketing is an ever- changing industry, especially the mediums we use to reach your ideal audience. As we enter the Digital Age, television and radio viewership has shifted from listening in your car or watching cable, to streaming. This technique provides a way for businesses to meet their audience where they’re at, whether that’s at home or on the go. As we look forward, the shift toward streaming provides a new opportunity for businesses and marketers alike.

The Traditional Streaming Methods of Tomorrow: Television and Radio

Steaming, or OTT, refers to video or audio content that you can listen to via the internet on a variety of devices, including laptops and smartphones. Streaming offers a variety of options for the viewers, such as skipping advertisements and bundle deals with various services. You also can tailor your targeting down the location, behaviors, and interests of the viewers. This is a much deeper level of targeting than offered by traditional television or radio. Due to the advanced targeting and engagement, advertising on streaming reports a 30% higher return on investment than traditional marketing techniques.

Streaming is offered for television, radio, and even podcasting. In the television realm, there are a variety of platforms to choose from that best fit the needs of your business, and your audience. For example, Netflix is a service that reaches over 200 million paid subscribers across the globe. Streaming radio offers the same abilities, but for music, podcasting, or radio. Common platforms include Spotify and iHeart Radio. Utilizing this method with radio also offers advanced targeting and serves a younger audience that is often missed by traditional radio buys.

Streaming Can Help You Connect To Your Audience

Marketing your business on streaming platforms offers a variety of benefits that are often missed when utilizing traditional methods. This technique allows the business the creative freedom to produce unique and innovative spots, including interactive options. These platforms can reach almost anywhere in the world, with the ability to reach over three billion people. Streaming television and radio is a cost- effective option with advanced analytic reporting that can help your business understand the high return on investment. Some other benefits of advertising through this method include the increased targeting options and engagement, as well as reaching your audience where they are.

Precise Targeting

Streaming platforms offer the ability to target your audience not only by location, but also by behaviors and interests. The platform that you choose also impacts who you reach—For example, Disney+ reaches primarily families, while Netflix has a broader reach due to the variety of content.

Increased Engagement

Research shows that those utilizing streaming platforms often are more likely to engage with the content. Streaming viewers are engaged with the content up to 17% more than those watching traditional television.

Reaching a Younger Market

Streaming platforms tend to reach younger audiences who utilize new technology more often. The 18- 34 demographic makes up 63% of streaming viewership. This demographic of millennials and Gen Z’s are more willing to engage with content that interests them than other groups. This results in a higher- engagement rate due to the advanced targeting available on these platforms.

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