Put Your Business in the Community: National Billboard Day

June 1st is National Billboard Day. National Billboard Day became a celebrated holiday in May of 2021 and was initiated by Keystone Outdoor Advertising. The idea behind it being to celebrate and honor this earliest form of advertising. At Media Venue, we celebrate this everyday by getting our clients on billboards across the country.

The History of Billboards

Did you know that the use of billboards dates back to ancient Egyptian times? The first billboards were just large stones that were used to publish laws and treaties in heavily trafficked areas. This was a great way to convey messages and information to a large volume of people. A method called flyposting created in the late 15th century is the starting point of outdoor advertising as we know it. Flyposting refers to posters wheatpasted to areas of high attraction. In 1872, the International Bill Posters Association of North America, now known as the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, was established. This group helped to establish rules for billboard usage that would benefit both the advertisers and the public. Then in 1908, the use of highways for traveling increased and advertisers began placing billboards along these routes to maximize their visibility. While billboards have certainly changed and developed over time, their purpose remains: to inform and bring awareness to the public.

The Benefits of Billboard

As one of the most recognizable and effective forms of advertising, it’s no surprise that there are many benefits to billboard advertising.

  1. Visibility: Billboards come in many shapes and sizes, some of the biggest being 20 feet tall by 60 feet wide! They give commuters something to look at during long drives and big billboards with eye-catching designs or digital effects can be especially helpful in attracting new customers.
  2. They’re always on: Billboards are always on and unavoidable. Studies show that 71% of people consciously look at billboards while driving. So, whether a consumer likes your ad or not, they’re still viewing your ad and retaining the information they see.
  3. Location: Location is key when it comes to placing your billboard advertisement. The more densely populated and widely traveled the area is, the more people your ad will reach. Other advantages include having directional information in your ad such as “Take the next exit!” or showcasing your proximity by saying “We’re only a mile away!”
  4. Audience diversity: While other methods of advertising offer opportunities for more targeted advertising, billboards can reach demographics you might not have thought would need your product or service.
  5. More exposure: When it comes to successful advertising, exposure is very important. Depending on the location of your billboards and where people live, some consumers may be passing by your ad multiple times a day and multiple days a week. Therefore, they are ingesting the information often, greatly increasing your brand awareness.
  6. Cost-effective: While the cost of billboard advertising can be high, the number of impressions gained through this method of advertising proves it to be highly cost-effective. Just think of all the people driving by your billboard on a daily basis!

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