MV How To: Seasonal Marketing in the Summer and Fall

seasonal marketing

Summer and fall are important times of the year for businesses to capitalize on their marketing efforts. Surprisingly, they are also the easiest seasons to overlook when it comes to leveraging the opportunities they can bring. Consumers enjoy any chance to participate in social holidays and events, and the fall and summer provide many chances to celebrate. Here are ways your business can drive attention to your products and  services during these seasons to reap the most benefit.

Seasonal Marketing in the Summertime

The summertime provides the ultimate opportunity to partake in community outdoor events. The weather gives your brand the perfect excuse to get outside! Your business can participate in the local summer fair, have a picnic or BBQ, or host an open house. With school being out, it is the ideal time to connect with your audience and form a better relationship with your clients.

Give back to your community this summer. You can host a clothing drive, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or walk a marathon for a good cause. Community service creates positive brand associations and builds brand loyalty. Watching businesses participate in philanthropic events creates a massive appeal for new potential customers. Businesses see greater engagement when they give back because people want to support brands that are pillars within the community.

Back to School

When kids are getting ready to go back to school, spending increases. It is crucial to be prepared for the back-to-school shopping season because everyone from elementary to college students, and even educators, are involved. Capitalize on this hectic season by creating back-to school flash sales and giveaways. Most importantly, let people know about your back-to-school promotions. Email marketing campaigns are a great way to let customers know about your back-to-school-promos. Whatever way you decide to promote your campaign, emphasize how your business wants to make their lives easier during the stressful time of going back to school.

Labor Day

Labor Day is unofficially the end of summer. For businesses, this is the best time to clear out any summer inventory left or perform any last-minute season services. This crunch time for businesses is vital, and the best motivator for customers is a sense of urgency. Businesses can create a sense of urgency by making sales that are limited time offers or free shipping on certain days. Great marketing vehicles to promote these sales include paid search campaigns or direct mail programs.


Fall is a fun time to show your business’s personality! Taking part in the Halloween season can allow your company a creative outlet to engage with consumers. Encourage your audience to get involved and engage with your business during this fun time by creating user-generated content. This can be accomplished by challenging your following on social media to send in, upload, and tag your brand in their best Halloween costume for a chance to win a prize! Having people create content and share posts featuring your brand displays your brand to a vast audience.

Seasonal Marketing Success

No matter what your business offers, utilize all the opportunities Summer and Fall bring. If you are ready to create a seasonal marketing campaign but aren’t sure what method to use, contact Media Venue. We have the experience, resources, and creativity to optimize the return on your marketing investment regardless of the media you decide to use. We apply our vast knowledge and years of experience to develop a media plan that will deliver success. Call us today at 502-855-4783 or email to learn more. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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