How to Measure Social Media Performance with Facebook Insights

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By now you know that social media marketing is a valuable tool for fostering brand awareness and encouraging conversions. However, how do you measure your success in reaching your audience? This is where tracking analytics becomes a critical factor for understanding the impact and effect of a social media marketing campaign. Each social media outlet has its own setup for measuring analytics—but the most advanced capabilities can be found on Facebook. Their in-house analytics tool Facebook Insights allows users with a business page to measure performance in a number of ways.

What is Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights allows users to measure the performance of their business’s profile easily. Businesses can track engagement from their Facebook posts, page views, reach, and more. These metrics not only provide valuable information about the page’s current and past performance but also offers opportunities to track and measure business goals, such as increasing engagement, page likes, and more.

But why is Facebook Insights important? Well, it provides opportunities for business owners to manage and optimize their social media marketing efforts by utilizing Facebook Insight’s historical data. This allows them to see what worked and what didn’t and how to use that data to better refine and optimize their Facebook strategy for the future.

Measure Performance With Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights provides several ways to measure social media performance. On the Overview page, a Page Summary can be provided for the current and previous day, the past week, and the past 28 days. Once the timeline has been selected, it provides data on various segments such as page views, page likes, post reach and engagement, and page followers. This data is marked in numerical values, percentages, and in graphs, providing page owners a visual way to note increases and/or decreases across certain segments and by how much. Facebook Insights also tracks whether traffic is organic or paid.

Besides the Page Summary, Facebook Insights also offers some more in-depth analytics. For example, the Likes page offers a customizable timeline to study how the number of Page Likes has changed over time, when those changes occurred, and even how the page gained its Page Likes, such as through the news feed or search.

Understanding Analytics From Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights makes your page’s data easy to understand with customizable time periods, graphs, numerical data, and more. This provides page owners a better understanding of why certain events happened (such as a sudden increase in page likes) and uses that data and insight to create optimized social media campaigns in the future.

Facebook Insights defines key pieces of vocabulary within the reports, such as Reach (the number of people who saw your page’s post, story, etc.) and Engagement (the number of times that people interacted with your content, such as leaving a comment, sharing a post, etc.) through its small information icon that can be hovered over to receive more information. Of course, Media Venue is also happy to take a look at your business’s Facebook Page Insights to help you better understand your page’s data and how a social media management plan can help your business’s Facebook page thrive.


Why is Facebook Insights important for businesses?

Facebook Insights is important for businesses because it provides important historical data for business owners, page managers, and marketers. This data allows them to measure the performance of their social media marketing campaign, why it performed as it did, and how it can be in the future. Furthermore, Facebook Insights also allows users to identify when certain page events occurred (such as a spike of page likes, post likes, etc.) and determine what caused that event.

How do I get more people to like my business’s Facebook page?

There are several ways to get people to like your business’s Facebook page. One of the easiest methods is to invite your friends to like the page. There are also strategies such as utilizing your website to promote the page, using promoted and boosted posts, and more (all of which we detail in our post “Increase Your Facebook Followers”). Of course, we also stress the importance of establishing and maintaining a social media presence, as this will not only keep your page consistently updated with fresh content but provide more opportunities to get people to engage with your Facebook page.

How To Create a Successful Social Media Strategy

Creating and executing a successful social media strategy requires both time and resources, which many businesses don’t have. As a result, many companies may generate low-quality posts, infrequent posts, or posts that don’t support the business’s advertising goals or strategy. However, it’s not hard to turn this around with Media Venue! If you would like social media posts that support your business’s advertising strategy, SEO goals, and more, email Media Venue’s Social Media Manager—Michelle Dunaway—at for more information on the power of a successful Social Media Management service and the impact it can have on your business. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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