Marketing 101: Traditional Advertising

When you think of an ad, chances are you’re picturing some kind of traditional media, such as a page in the newspaper, a TV commercial, or a billboard. There’s a reason these channels have been deemed “traditional”—they’ve been around a long time, and they have proven success for many businesses. These days, traditional advertising is defined as any type of marketing that doesn’t take place online (source). Before the Internet, traditional advertising dominated the business world; yet even today in the digital age, it continues to prove useful.

The History of Traditional Advertising

It’s difficult to determine an exact beginning to advertising because it’s been around as long as civilized society itself. In fact, ancient Egyptians used to use papyrus paper to post sales messages, and the earliest known branding was a logo of a rabbit in ancient China (source). However, we can trace the modern advertising industry back to the mid-1800s, with the popularity of newspapers. Personal ads evolved into business ads, and when other print materials such as magazines became widely distributed, publishers included ads in them as well. Simple signs posted on the side of the road became the billboards you recognize today. The TV boom in the early 1900s allowed for sensational audiovisual messages to become ads as well. By the 1960s, advertising was a huge industry and has only continued to grow. Today, it seems that online marketing dominates, but traditional advertising remains a valuable tool for businesses.

Which Methods are Traditional?

As previously mentioned, we typically categorize traditional advertising as ads that don’t utilize the Internet. This includes the basics, like newspapers, TV, billboards, and radio. However, lesser known strategies like cinema advertising, bus benches and shelters, smaller print pieces like flyers and brochures, and direct mail also fall into the traditional category.

Is Traditional Advertising Still Relevant?

Some marketers try to make the argument that traditional advertising is no longer valuable. We at Media Venue disagree. While it is true that online audiences are growing and traditional campaigns require a higher investment, there is still an important audience you can reach through traditional vehicles. Most often, we recommend a mix of traditional and digital methods to reach your business goals.

Additionally, many traditional methods are evolving to fit into the digital world. For example, many billboards have gone digital, allowing for the sharing of multiple messages within the same time period. Streaming radio and television have also risen in popularity, showing the possibility for traditional and digital methods to blend effectively. As the world moves, advertising moves with it.

Built on Tradition

Media Venue started as a traditional media buying and planning company back in 1995, and we are proud to have maintained our roots as we’ve grown. Our talented traditional team can help you develop the perfect strategy for achieving your goals with modern advertising methods. Ready to learn more? Call us today at 502-855-4783 or email to see why Media Venue is better with age.

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