MV How-To: Make Conversions on Your Landing Page


A landing page is a standalone webpage designed to support conversions from a digital marketing campaign. Landing pages are specifically created to facilitate a conversion, so it is vital that your page is cohesive and concise, creating a natural progression from ad to action. The desired conversion can be anything from signing up for an email list to making a purchase, depending on your business goals—but no matter what you choose, the key is focusing your message.


The structure of your landing page will depend on the type of campaign you are running and the desired conversion you choose. However, there are a few basic components that your landing page should have to ensure success.



Once you have chosen which conversion you want to encourage, the next step will be deciding what your call-to-action should be. Ask yourself—how are you going to persuade consumers to make a move? Details like word choice are important. Studies have shown that users are more likely to convert with specific verbiage, such as “subscribe” or “order,” rather than more vague wording like “see more” or “click here” (source). While your messaging itself should be succinct, it’s important to invoke an emotional response within the consumer. Messages like “for a limited time only” or “download this exclusive guide” provides users with a sense of urgency, encouraging quicker conversions.


The next factor to consider is the functionality of the landing page. It should be clear where a user needs to go to follow the campaign’s call-to-action. For example, if your desired conversion is an email subscription, you should center your landing page around a submission form asking for the consumer’s name and email. Be sure to require the least amount of effort to complete a task. Users may get overwhelmed or distracted by too many questions and back out before they finish the conversion. Remember: the whole purpose of a landing page is to stay focused on your campaign goal, and the functionality of the page should reflect that. Once users have finished the conversion behavior, you can (and should!) include messaging or links on the screen to encourage further exploration of your site.



Now that you have a message and function in mind, you can consider the creative elements of you landing page. Tlanding page should have its own goal based on your digital campaign. However, it should also be easily identifiable as a part of your overall website. That means utilizing your current branding components like logos, color schemes, and other design elements. There should also been relevant imagery where appropriate to add a layer of visual appeal. Just because the page is focused, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Bold fonts drawing attention to the call-to-action is also typically effective.



Digital campaigns like display advertising and retargeting can yield huge success for your business. Ensure you’re supporting that potential by sending users to an effective landing page! At Media Venue, our team is well-versed in digital marketing and webpage design. We’ll be sure to create a campaign and landing page duo that reinforces your business goals. Ready to start your campaign? Contact our Digital Marketing Director Cassie Rogers at or call 502-855-4783 to get started. Enhance your marketing investment with Media Venue!

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